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When you’re launching a new business in the modern age, there are a lot of factors to take into account. As well as the necessities of online visibility, modern marketing techniques, and hiring the right team members, it’s essential that you factor in the right design elements into your business premises. No matter what industry or sector your entrepreneurial venture lands in, having an eye on the concept of design could mean the difference between success and failure. If you want to reduce your running costs and make the most of your potential, then these business design ideas could transform your potential.

Alternative Space

One of the first factors that you need to take into account is your business premises. While manufacturers and industrial business will have more limitations when it comes to acceptable premises usage, some sectors can benefit from a more flexible office decision. Shared office spaces are growing in popularity, and with their low-costs and highly efficient benefits, they could be the answer to reducing your rental costs.

Alternative Energy

Solar and wind power are great, but they are largely impractical for the majority of business spaces. For manufacturers especially, the high energy costs can have a huge impact on your monthly outgoings. If your premises are more remote, then your energy bills are going to be high. Consider cost-effective solutions, with many manufacturers and industrialists making the decision to transition to LNG due to its accessibility, convenience, and reduced cost.


What is LNG? Liquified natural gas is a low-cost and convenient energy alternative, and you can click here for more information about this popular option.

Alternative Color

A paint job might not seem like it will change much, but there’s a reason why designers place such importance of color scheme. Color affects both mood and productivity. Avoid the bland magnolia options and look instead at blues for greater productivity, splashes of red and orange for a more energetic workspace or even yellow to reduce boredom and increase happiness. These simple psychological tricks can transform any working environment.


Alternative Accessories

Filling your workplace with the right accessories can have a number of benefits. There are traditional and well-recognized options like the right plants, which can aid productivity and even help keep the air in your workspace cleaner. You should also consider branding your accessories, with a huge variety of options available to help your work environment have a more professional and consistent branding strategy. Not only will branded accessories reinforce your branding and create a focused base of operations, but they can also be a good first impression for when prospective clients come through the door.

Alternative Workers

Long gone are the days of the traditional commute. As remote workers become the standard for those hoping to offer a more flexible workspace, and technology allows for easier project collaboration, having 9-5 workers in-house may not be the best option. You are now able to combine both full-time workers that are in the office every day, with a range of remote workers who will appreciate the greater flexibility and the loss of the daily commute.


If you’re considering a business launch then it’s tempting to stick with what you know, and what has worked traditionally. Modern technology has transformed the business world as much as it’s changed our personal lives, and incorporating modern solutions into any business plan can increase your flexibility and potential to grow.