It’s the holiday season and many of us are going out and about and enjoying time with friends and family. But, as we do that, we may be doing a lot of visiting the people we love – and like, or work with.

Many times, we may bring a bottle of wine in appreciation for the visit. Isn’t it more fun to give a bottle of wine if it’s dressed up for the holiday season too? Here are 7 ways you can dress up your wine bottle for the holidays!

  1. Simple, Beautiful Bags. You can find all sorts of beautiful, holiday themed bags to use for wine. If you use our bags, they’re reusable and you or your host will be able to use them no matter what time of year that it is.
  2. Add an Ornament to the Top. Everyone loves a classy ornament to put on the tree, and if you are giving someone a bottle of wine, why not tie a small ornament to it? Then, they get wine and a tree addition!
  3. DIY “12 Days of Christmas” Wine Calendar. If you have a friend or family member that is a wine enthusiast, then you want to consider this option. There are several ways that you can do it – including using the cardboard from paper towel rolls or wrapping paper – and you can have fun putting together a wine calendar with the symbols in the Christmas carol that they’ll enjoy.
  4. Christmas Socks. Some families wear fun and goofy Christmas socks as a part of their holiday tradition – so why not add to that? Either pack a pair of socks in the bag with the wine or find a way to incorporate the socks with the wine.
  5. Add a Personalized Gift. Whether it’s an address stamper, or even wine glasses that have the host family’s monogram on them, a personalized gift in the wine bag or attached to the bottle makes the wine gift that much more special to those who are receiving it.
  6. Mulled Wine Sachet. Mulled wine is one of the most delicious things that you can have on a cold evening, so if you’d like to treat your loved ones, put together a sachet for them. You can dress it up with things like rosemary and cinnamon as well.
  7. A Scarf or Other Fabric. There are many types of fabric that you can use in order to make wine look pretty while, at the same time, protecting it during travel. By taking the time to find a nice scarf and wrap it up in a fancy way, you’ll find a way that both your hostess and the other guests will be impressed by the results.

Try these out and see what you like. It’s likely that you’ll find something that you enjoy and that will look great no matter what it is that you’re doing with your full wine bottle. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy the holiday season.