Team Sports You Need to Try

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Keeping busy with things that you enjoy is something that you should consider doing often. There are several ways that you can do so, including: engaging in social activities, personal hobbies, or playing sports. The latter can be a good choice as it’s a way of doing something fun as well as staying physically fit. As you likely already know, fitness is something that’s being encouraged for the whole nation as it has many benefits and can greatly enhance the quality and length of your life. For this reason, you should consider giving team sports a try. You will find a few specific ones below.


One team sport that you should put on your to-do-list is netball. For those who love games that require high-activity and friendly competition, this sport is ideal. The sole objective of netball is to pass the ball up the court and put it in the net. Some benefits of playing netball include better-toned legs, the chance to do social activities with teammates, the friendships that develop as a result and the simple fact that it can be tons of fun! As with most other sports, it is also something that is generally good for your overall health. You should know that contrary to popular belief, netball isn’t a sport that is restricted just to women, it’s one that any gender can play. If you happen to be convinced that it’s a sport worth trying, visit www.hulahub.com as they have hundreds of different classes you can join to get started.


Similar to netball, another team sport that you should try is basketball. This is a popular sport that can be a lot of fun to engage in and can do wonders for your physical fitness. Some benefits of playing basketball include burning lots of calories, better cardiovascular health, a boost to the immune system, and better coordination. It is a sport that you should enjoy if you like interacting with other people as you’ll have numerous teammates that you can bond with over the activity and good team communication is very important to do well. It is important that you stay hydrated while playing and remember that the advised amount of water to drink each day is around 8 cups, or 2 litres.

Ice Hockey

Aside from the two mentioned above, ice hockey is another team sport that’s worth giving a go. It is also another sport that requires team spirit and friendly competition for all of the social beings out there.  It can be a lot of fun seeing as you’ll be doing an immense amount of skating so, like the other sports, you’ll get a good cardiovascular workout and keep your heart rate up whilst doing it, which is great for your overall health.

Team sports can be something that you look forward to doing on a regular or semi-regular basis. They provide the opportunity for you to forge friendships with different people as well as participate in an activity that you enjoy together. In light of this, you should consider trying some of the team sports mentioned above.