Women on Their Secrets to Success

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If you’re a woman in business and you’re looking for inspiration or confidence, then you can’t go wrong with searching for the advice of those that have come before you. No matter which field you work in or where your career is taking you, finding the right advice from the pioneers and the successes is a fantastic way of boosting your confidence and giving you the drive to continue moving forward. These women have all faced the same or similar challenges that you have, and not only have they learned, they have also passed on what they’ve learned so that a whole new generation can be inspired to make the most of their lives.


Don’t be scared to get help


It can be lonely at the top, and it can be just as lonely as you work your way there, but the worst thing that you can do is try and tackle those challenges alone. The internet is a vast resource, and building your own network and support group of like-minded women can be extraordinarily helpful. Jo Malone MBE is the entrepreneur who founded the perfume business Jo Loves, and she suggests that you have to make success happen. She credits her success to embracing her passions and says: “There will always be people around you that can assist you and help you. The more passion they see in you and the more resilience, the more you’ll find people to gather around you because people love to be around people who make things happen.” So don’t be afraid to look for help, find support, and use the resources of the digital age to beat any of the confidence issues that might be slowing you down.


Own your career


If there’s anyone who knows about the challenges facing women in business, it’s the founder and director of Vida.co.uk, Devika Wood. Regarding her business success, Wood has reached the heights, appearing in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and building her company into a game-changer for the care industry. Sage has created an infographic detailing all the advice successful businesswoman have for other budding female entrepreneurs; here, Devika Wood explains that she lacked confidence, but that soon changed because she made the decision to have belief in her idea. “You must own your idea, commit to it and believe it.” It’s certainly advice that has paid for itself for Wood, with Vida attracting investors to the tune of £1.6million. The fact that Wood’s advice is so relatable means that you can apply it to your own career, no matter your sector.


Be passionate


There’s no denying that the political world remains very much a boys club, but women are becoming an increasing presence in Parliament. One such figure is Mhairi Black, who credits her success to feeding her passions. As someone who is driven by the need to fight injustice, it was perhaps inevitable that Black would take her place in the political world with fervour. “Inequality of any kind is the thing that really drives me. I always look at who’s losing out and why.” Black has taken that passion and fought against the challenges of being not just a woman in the political arena, but also the youngest person in the House of Commons, and if that’s not inspirational, what else is?


Whether you’re building your career in an established company, starting your own business or simply looking for a confidence boost, these women have shared their secrets so that you can find the inspiration to follow your own dreams.