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Some people have big dreams of driving around the city in a swanky new car, but in reality – a lot of people can’t afford to do this.  Buying a classy car of course comes with a hefty price tag these days, so we have come up with some planning advice as well as to some alternatives that could help you on your way to making your car dreams come true.

Lease a Car

The reality is that you still may not have enough upfront cash for your swanky car.  There are lots of options available if this is the case. If you wanted a BMW car for instance, you can lease a BMW for some low monthly payments. This makes things more affordable if you don’t have all the cash in the bank that you need.  You might want to check out this offer on a BMW car lease if this is on your list of must-see cars. There are other large brands, or of course there are other big brand names where you can get leasing deals.

Create a Budget

You will no doubt have a rough idea of cost if you have a specific car make or model in mind.  Bear in mind, it’s not just the initial payment that you need to take into account – it’s the insurance costs, the maintenance, the road tax etc too – and all of those things add up.  Once you have put all of those costs together, you can then put a budget in place for all of your expenses. Think of how this compares to what you earn.

Spend Less

This seems like an obvious thing to consider – but think about how you could cut out some expenses to save money. When you are thinking of buying something, don’t do it on impulse.  Ask yourself if it’s what you really need. If it’s not a necessity – it might be a good idea to wait until a later date before making the purchase. You can also make some savings by doing some simple things such as paying more attention to prices when you are out food shopping, and looking for discount offers.

Create a Savings Account

As the saying goes, out of sight – out of mind.  The safest place to keep your money is still the bank, and you can get some good high interest saving accounts these days.  It’s also a good idea to do a bit of research and check what the withdrawal options are. You don’t want it to allow you to take money out too easily – you don’t want to be tempted to spend it. It is a good idea for your bank account is separate to ensure you think of it as your “car fund”, and effectively to go untouched.

We hoped these hints and tips have helped you on your way to your dream car.