Make Your Own Acrylic Paintings

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Acrylic paints are the best options for color for people who need a paint that does not require too much time in drying, and they are also easy to make at home. Although they are widely sold on the market, you can quickly improvise yours in the house with the use of the required products.

How to Make your Acrylic Paintings

Get a Squeezable Bottle

A squeezing bottle is required to make it easy to get out the required amount of the paints needed. Just make sure the nozzle is large enough to allow out the paint, and at the same time, the opening should be large enough to fit a brush in case you want to get the paint direct from the container.

Use the Ingredients in Halves

One area that a lot of people fail when making acrylic paints is the mixing of the ingredients especially the water. Keep in mind that the amount of water you use determines the adhesive effect of the paint and also its color. So, be cautious when adding water, so you don’t end up putting too much water to the ingredients. Just measure 50: 50 of each element to get a good proportion of the items. Apart from water, the other items that you are required to add include the golden acrylic, glazing liquid or even the professional glazing fluid.

Add the Acrylic Solution

After you have mixed the above ingredients in halves, the other thing that you need to add to the solution is the acrylic paint. Be cautious when adding the paint to avoid getting the wrong solution at the end. For example, if you add too much paint, the solution may fail to mix well, and in the case where you add too little of the solution, it may end up not give the right color or the right consistency for adhering on the painted surface. Learn how to mix the acrylic solution from the acrylic pouring cells recipe to ensure that all the mixtures are poured on the bottle as required. You can also, create a funnel that would prevent the solutions from spilling outside the container.

Mix Well

Mix all the ingredients by shaking the bottle thoroughly. Make sure all the ingredients are mixed well and there no lumps that are visible on the bottle. You can use a coffee stirrer to mix the ingredients as well.

Test your Paint

After all the ingredients have mixed well as required, you can test the paint by the use of acrylic pour painting table. This provides a surface where you get to practice different methods of painting and also how to make patterns. Some boards are a purchase, but you can also improvise yours at home with the use of canvas materials.

Wash the Bottle after Use

This is important if you are planning to use the bottle in making more paint. So, immediately you finish up painting, make sure to clean up the container and the nozzle. This prevents the paint from clogging and getting stuck on the bottle.

Making your acrylic painting is entirely comfortable with the use of the above steps. You can make different paints with different colors if you want to make a color painting. Just ensure all the ingredients are measured equally to get a consistent mixture.