Give you home that 2018 re-vamp

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From our wardrobe to our personal lives, a little revamp is what many of us want in the New Year.

But an area that can also benefit from a little change is your home. And what better way to start the New Year than with a new project.

Of course, changing your home interiors and décor can take a little planning, which is easily done with a few Pinterest boards for themes and ideas. And of course having the right tools is always helpful, with companies such as SGS Engineering having the right power and hand tools you’ll need to get started.

Below are our top three ideas for changing interiors for the New Year.

Smart Tech

This may be more of a home change than an interiors change, but with little devices creeping in here and there, you can help them blend easily with your interiors.

2018 has been called the year of the smart home, which makes revamping your home even more of a fun thing to do.

With connected toilets and fridges, you could go the whole hog and jump into a home made for a science fiction show. Or you could start slow with items such as Amazon’s Alex or the Google Echo, all ready to help you answer questions, pop on some music or even change the channel.

Be Neutral

One way many people trip up when changing their interiors is to go for bold patterned wallpaper, or brightly painted walls. Don’t do this.

Instead, strip the walls of paper and coat over those brightly tinged walls with more neutral whites, creams and off-whites. This will help bring a cleaner look into your home, brighten it up and make it feel more spacious.

But what about the personality you ask. Well, that’s where accessories come in. Pick a colour scheme for each room and execute it through pillows, throws, rugs and wall features.

This also means you can change your décor as often as you like, as it requires minimal decorating for maximum effect.

Upcycle those pieces

You’ve probably heard this term banded around before, and now it’s your turn to get stuck into it.

Upcycling is when you take old furniture and breathe new life into it. So don’t get rid of those old pieces, instead just sand them down and paint them a new colour, or repurpose them as something else.

It’ll save you money, give you a new look and means you can upcycle them again and again.

So, why not start this year start with a new home look? With these simple ideas, you’ll be living in the switched-on era while also being able to change the remainder of your home as many times as you like.