Hi there! I am messaging to introduce ourselves to the neighbourhood.

We are a creative Services Agency and have recently launched on the high street in Paisley and was hoping to talk about a little offer we are running to help businesses grow their online presence, and to gain some more visibility for us as a company.

Our main focus is to help local businesses grow in Paisley for the run up to Paisley2021. To help we are trying to offer affordable high quality services, and marketing subscription packages to include more for local business owners.

This week as we are launching on a digital level, and trying to work with our first group of local business owners, and have decided to offer up a discounted price on our kickstart photography shoot, which helps us gain local images to share and promote, and for your business the cost goes from £120 to £50 for a 2 hour 2 camera shoot, and 2 hours of editing. All of this for the 10 days!

We can send in one of our photographers whenever over one of these days, capture the essence of your store, and create 50+ stunning images for you to share and promote your business in the digital world.

We have started working with local artists, la rambla, datalinks, Paisley Create, japani street food, paisley.org.uk and Joey’s beauty spot. We were hoping

Our services include Photography, Video, Design, Web, Marketing and Social Media. We hope that this teaser of our work with photography services can prove as an example of what we can do for local businesses in and around Paisley.

Thank you for your time,
Momenta Studios

Contact brian@paisley.org.uk for more information, dont let this opportunity pass you by.