Create an Inviting Hallway for Your Home

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If you’re particularly house-proud, you will know how satisfying it is to go around the different rooms in your house and renovating them or re-doing them in order to get your house looking perfect for the season or the way you want it that year. There is so much fun and satisfaction to be had in going through the kitchen, the bedrooms and the living room picking out sofas, beds and storage for your house. One of the rooms in the house that gets overlooked quite frequently is the hallway or the landing areas, however. As the hallways is part of the entrance to your home, this can be a really important part of your house that you may have forgotten about. This is the area that people will see first, and can’t be ignored! Here are a few tips to make the most of this important but frequently missed area of your home to make an impression and have some fun with designing it.

As this may be the first time you have re-done your hallway since you’ve been in your current home, it may be a challenge to start thinking about the way you want it to be. Most people start with lighter colours as hallways can be quite dark, narrow and sometimes window-less. Light colours will brighten up the space and make it feel like a more open space. Having something neutral will also mean that you can put pretty much anything in the space and get the most from it. However, with this in mind, you might not have used darker colours much around the home and might have been looking for a place to be creative. Hallways can the perfect place to choose a bold colour that might not be suitable for the bedroom or living room for example, and will allow you to experiment and see what you like.

The next thing to decide on is what furniture you want in your hallway – if any at all! If you have a hallway large enough, it’s the perfect place for an oak sideboard that you can fill with your favourite decorative items and ornaments. It can be a pretty way to introduce guests to your home and will allow you to show off your style and creativity. You could also place a chest of drawers here too which you can place cherished photos on and store useful things in the drawers such as keys, dog leads, spare walking socks, scarves, hats and gloves that all the family can grab at the last minute!

No room in the house would be complete without accessories and your hallway is no different! Consider items that will go with your colour scheme of the walls and furniture. If you have a small entrance you don’t want to keep it too busy as this will crowd the space and make it feel a lot smaller. Choose some of your favourite artwork to go on the wall that will complement the décor and that will make your guests feel welcome when they come into the home. Other practical accessories you can consider could be items such as coat stands, shoe racks and umbrella stands in order to give people a designated place to leave their belongings when they stop by.