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Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has condemned the announcement from British Gas that they are increasing their prices by 12.5% from September onwards and has called for the UK Government to take action against the spiralling energy costs.

The price rise will affect around 3.1 million customers on the company’s standard variable tariff.

Before the election, the Conservatives promised to cap energy prices, but this policy was left out of the Queen’s Speech in June. Last month, the energy regulator Ofgem proposed a price cap for around 2m vulnerable customers currently getting a poor deal. This stops far short of a price fall to 17m homes, as suggested in the Conservative manifesto.

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said: “This latest price rise from British Gas is just another kick in the teeth for millions of consumers and will especially hit people on poor value tariffs. A third of people in Scotland struggle to afford their electricity and gas bills and a price hike just before the colder months won’t help their situation.

“The Government needs to take action to hold all energy companies accountable and protect everyone on standard variable tariffs, not just the most vulnerable.

“Everyone on standard variable tariff should take this opportunity to find out whether they could get a better deal elsewhere. Switching is simple and can save a lot of money over the year. You can contact the local Citizen Advice Bureau or Home Energy Scotland for advice on how to lower your energy bills.”

On Sunday 9th July John G. Fleming Bowling Club in Houston hosted their Annual Charity Day and Ladies bowls competition. 64 ladies took part in the fantastic competition and an incredible sum of £890 was raised for St Vincent’s Hospice.

The fundraising didn’t end there. A second fundraising event took place on July 22nd – a club cabaret evening which managed to raise a further £425 bringing the grand total to the magnificent sum of £1,315.

John and Isabel Gilchrist said:

“We would like to say a huge thank you to all the members of John G Fleming Bowling Club in Houston, to all the Ladies from across Renfrewshire who participated in the Bowls competition, to all the local people and local businesses who donated raffle prizes, home baking and to everyone who dug deep into their pockets and bought raffle tickets and home baking. Now we look forward to 2018 and doing our best to beat this year’s figure!”

Laura McDade, Fundraiser from St Vincent’s Hospice said:

“Everyone at St Vincent’s Hospice would like to say a huge thank you to John and Isabel Gilchrist from J G Fleming bowling club. We understand the amount of time and effort that it takes to put on an event of this kind and we truly appreciate all your hard work. Thank you to everyone who supported the day and in turn, St Vincent’s Hospice.”

“If you are interested in fundraising for St Vincent’s Hospice please contact the fundraising team on 01505705635 or email

The ever-popular Johnstone Fire Engine Rally is set to attract another huge crowd in the town centre when it returns on Saturday 12 August.

2016 rally

Fire engines from across the decades are set to parade from Johnstone Fire Station at 11:30am into the town centre, ending in Houston Square.

2016 rally

A day of family fun then commences which will give people the opportunity to discover a variety of emergency vehicles from throughout the years.

Falconry, a bouncy castle and face painting will ensure kids are entertained all afternoon with a music stage hosted by the Fire Service keeping up the excitement until 5pm.

The event is being hosted by Renfrewshire Council in partnership with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Heritage Trust.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will undertake a variety of dramatic demonstrations to give an insight to how they respond to emergencies.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron will be in attendance and will welcome all to the event.

Provost Cameron said: “The Fire Engine Rally has become an extremely popular event with the local community in Johnstone and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

“The chance to see the evolution of the vehicles and equipment which the fire service have used over the years is fascinating.

“The event provides just the right balance of providing an exciting day of fun for all the family as well as informing the public of important safety messages.

“It’s always fantastic to see the many hundreds of people who descend on Johnstone to be a part of the day and I’d encourage everyone to bring their friends, families, children and even their pets along to join me.”

For further information visit

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Be it writing essays for academic life or for writing blogs for your career, having strong writing skills will help you to go a long way. If you have always had a good interest in writing, then we are sure writing came easily to you. But if you are not too comfortable about writing and it does not come easily to you, then it can seem to be a very daunting task. But in reality, writing good papers and essays are not as difficult as they may seem.

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As a student, it is impossible to run away from writing academic essays. When you are sitting for an exam or just completing your daily assignments, you will be made to write some essays. Writing essays can be a daunting task for some. Each essay needs to be perfect if you want to get the best score on them. You can always take the help of custom essay writing service to write these essays. They can not only provide you will essays that will fetch you good marks but you will also get to learn a lot from such essays, for future use.

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Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021 will bring ‘tremendous benefits’ – says one of the most senior politicians in the House of Commons.

Ms Laing with Cllrs MacLaren and Nicolson and some of the entrepeneurs from InCube

Deputy Speaker of the House Eleanor Laing MP – who was born in Paisley and grew up in Renfrewshire – spoke of her passion for her home town during a visit this week.

Paisley is bidding for the prestigious title as part of a wider push to transform the town’s future using the power of its internationally-significant heritage and cultural story.

Earlier this month, Paisley was confirmed by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as the only Scottish place on the final shortlist – which also features Coventry, Stoke, Sunderland and Swansea.

Eleanor – the Conservative MP for the Epping Forest constituency in Essex since 1997 – was given a tour of the town centre by Renfrewshire Council leader Iain Nicolson and leader of the local Conservative group, James MacLaren.

And she said: “It is absolutely brilliant Paisley has been shortlisted to be UK City of Culture 2021.

“I am passionately backing the bid because I know the impact it will make on Paisley. Not only have the people of Paisley got tremendous energy and enterprise skills, the town is full of potential.

“I think a lot of people have forgotten what a beautiful town Paisley was in its heyday and I really believe we can help people to rediscover Paisley’s glory.

“Working together towards the 2021 bid will bring tremendous benefits to everybody of all ages and backgrounds from this wonderful town.”

While here, Eleanor paid a visit to the Gilmour Street retail base of InCube – Renfrewshire Council’s creative business incubator.

She was joined by staff and some of the local designers and makers who through InCube receive an intensive programme of business support and access to a shop to sell their creations.

Cllr Nicolson – who is also chair of the Paisley 2021 partnership board – added: “We were delighted to welcome Eleanor to the town and talk her through the latest plans for Paisley 2021.

“Eleanor was really interested to hear about how the bid has already raised Paisley’s profile and changed how people see the town – it came across how much she still cares about Paisley and we really value her support.

“Since Paisley was announced as the only Scottish place on the shortlist the town has had fantastic support from across the political spectrum and from various government agencies.

“It was also great we were able to visit the InCube shop as part of the tour – Paisley has such a rich history of creativity and design and the young entrepreneurs working on the programme are keeping that tradition alive.”

Since Paisley made the shortlist three weeks ago, the bid has been publicly supported by political figures including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop, Conservative and Labour party leaders Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale, and Scottish Secretary David Mundell, as well as major agencies including Visit Scotland, Creative Scotland, Glasgow Life and Glasgow Airport.

For more information, visit

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Even though gambling has been popular since the first cavemen (probably) bet on who’s pet Sabre-Tooth Tiger could run faster, it is only in the last 20 years or so that the global popularity of gambling has exploded thanks to developments like online casinos and mobile gambling. Recent years have seen the numbers of online gamblers spike, this has seen a huge range of high quality games that require skill and brain power that can be played on the go and help to bring gambling firmly into the 21st century. This huge explosion in popularity could help Paisley to get involved in a growing industry that could provide another fun and exciting element to a night out on the town.

Paisley isn’t exactly short of things to see and do, from the beautiful Paisley Abbey to the historic Sma’ Shot Cottages, a faithfully restored set of Weaver’s cottages from the 1700s. Coats Observatory is a hidden gem that allows visitors to stargaze, with free viewings via the telescope available throughout the summer. Sports fans can head to the Paisley 2021 Stadium to watch St. Mirren FC compete in the Scottish Championship. There is also some excellent shopping at the Paisley Centre and the Intu Shopping Centre and Soar indoor ski-slope just along the M8 in Braehead are enough to keep tourists busy.

Technology has even evolved to the point where you can pay online casino’s with your phone, don’t believe me? Read about it here:

A night out on the tiles is also an experience, with Paisley home to some great bars and nightclubs that can get pretty lively on a weekend. Kitty Kitty offers great food before turning into a late bar that offers patrons food and music until 2am at the weekend. If you’re after something a bit more cosy and traditional however, look no further than the Wee Howff, a tiny bar that makes up for size with great drinks and the chance to meet Rod Stewart. Once you’ve had a couple and are in the mood for dancing, then either Fantoosh or Vienna’s awaits, but if you want to end up in a casino, then you’ll have to head into Glasgow.

There are some decent options just a short taxi ride away however, with the waterfront Alea Casino the closest you can get to Las Vegas without leaving Greater Glasgow. The huge casino and entertainment complex has plenty of casino games including a dedicated poker room. Poker has always been a popular game, but sites like 888poker enable people to play online poker in their spare time. Providing part-time poker players with the opportunity to practice their skills at home has really upped the stakes, regular online poker players can now match the skills of the consumers at land-based casinos who might have previously had more of an opportunity to spend time around the table. Away from the poker table, the Alea Casino also has a restaurant with an impressive view of the Clyde and a fantastic sports bar, showcasing everything from SPL football to late night international boxing.

If you’re heading closer into the city centre, the Grosvenor and Genting Riverside venues also offer a high quality casino experience, but for something a bit different visitors should try out the Cotton Club Casino at the Corinthian. Players are treated to a lavish and more intimate setting, with membership required upon entry for those wishing to play and some incredible décor to make the whole experience a bit more luxurious.

With so many new bars, restaurants and independent shops opening up in Paisley, it would surely make sense to expand the nightlife options for both residents and visitors with a shiny new casino. With the 2021 City of Culture bid looming, there is surely plenty of space for investment and development and casinos have certainly boosted the local economy in others parts of the UK. With the number of students, tourists and party-goers in the town, it’s certain that there will be a steady stream of customers ready to try and win big.

Build it and they will come

Many hands made light work for volunteers at ‘The Men’s Shed’ in Foxbar as Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron visited to see the community project in action.

Renfrewshire Provost Lorraine Cameron with volunteers at the Men’s Shed

Taking place at the Foxbar Youth Centre, men of all ages come together in a social setting to build bird houses, plant boxes and bird feeders, tend to community allotments and undertake guided walks all over Renfrewshire and beyond, all in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron working on the allotments with volunteers from the Men’s Shed

The group use recycled or donated wood to create a variety of items which are then used to raise money to cover costs for Shelter Scotland and support its work with homeless people across the country.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron presented with a hand painted bird box by Shannon (12)

Alongside its charitable endeavours, the Men’s Shed also gives community members a place to meet like-minded people in a fun and welcoming social setting.

Provost Cameron said: “I was delighted to visit the Men’s Shed project to meet with the volunteers who make this fantastic project a success.

“The group provides an opportunity for social interaction for men of all ages and it’s great to see the amount of friendships that have been forged through volunteering.

“The different activities which take place give a chance to revisit skills forgotten or even learn new ones no matter what age the volunteers may be.

“I’d encourage anyone with an interest to get in touch, go along and become a member- you won’t regret it!”

The Men’s Shed was first set up by Shelter Scotland’s Foundations First Project- funded by the STV Children’s Appeal- and aims to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Across the UK, there are currently 418 Men’s Shed’s in operation, with a further 115 in development, and almost 9,000 members achieving a sense of purpose through the inspiring projects in their area.

Alison Watson Deputy Director of Shelter Scotland said:  “I’d like to thank Provost Lorraine Cameron for her continued support of The Men’s Shed.

“Our Foundations First service in Paisley is making a huge difference to people who are at risk of homelessness or struggling with poor housing.

“The Men’s Shed is a big part of our work in the town helping people in poverty to set and achieve their own goals and support each other.”

The group meet every Monday at __ and new members are welcomed with open arms.

Janice MacNamara, Volunteer Coordinator- Foundations First, said: “It has been a privilege to support an inspiring group of men to develop, grow and achieve so much.

“The difference in their overall wellbeing, their impact in the environment and in the community is admirable.

“The Men’s Shed has so many benefits, it is a social gathering that aims to tackle isolation and loneliness, it is also a place of learning or skill sharing and can have a positive effect on those who become part of it.

“I encourage Renfrewshire men of all ages to give it a try, you have nothing to lose and will be met with a friendly smile and a warm welcome. “

For information on how to join the Men’s Shed in Renfrewshire contact Janice on 07471 812 774 or

For advice and support, visit