Passengers travelling through Glasgow Airport will be able to celebrate and experience the country’s finest food, drink, clothing and culture as this year’s Best of Scotland campaign gets underway today (Monday 31 July).

Picture – Nick Ponty
Highland dancer Amy Struthers 8 tries a Tunnock’s teacake with Customer Service advisor, Shannon Paton, 21 dressed as a giant teacake (centre)..

Now in its fifth year, the campaign will see parts of the terminal receive a very Scottish makeover to promote the best tastes, sights and sounds the country has to offer.

The campaign will showcase a wide variety of quality products produced on these shores from fine malt whiskies and contemporary Scottish-based gins such as Eden Mill, Makar and Edinburgh, to luxury Harris Tweed clothing and state-of-the-art RHA headphones.

Sweet-toothed passengers will also be to sample some of Scotland’s best confectionary, including Mrs Tilly tablet and Campbells shortbread.

Scottish institution Tunnock’s will also make its presence known in the terminal throughout the campaign and passengers will be able to sample the company’s world-famous caramel wafers and teacakes.

In addition to hosting the Uddingston-based baker’s distinctive branding on the numerous clock faces around the airport, a vintage Tunnock’s delivery van will also be parked up in the main terminal’s Scotland and Sea food court area.

One of the key highlights of the celebratory Best of Scotland month will be a live performance in the main terminal building from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra on Thursday 31 August.

Steven Marshall, head of airline marketing and development at Glasgow Airport, said: “As a gateway to Scotland, we welcome thousands of visitors from across the globe on a daily basis.

“For many of them, Glasgow Airport is their first and last impression of Scotland, so the annual Best of Scotland campaign provides us with the perfect platform to help champion the very best products our country has to offer.

“The RSNO’s live performance is a fantastic way to bring the Best of Scotland campaign to a close and it’s always very popular with our passengers. It’s not every day you get the chance to witness a 50-piece orchestra perform in an airport terminal!”

This year’s campaign comes weeks after Glasgow became the first Scottish Airport to be awarded VisitScotland’s Taste Our Best accreditation for food and drink excellence and promoting Scottish produce.

Glasgow Airport’s Best of Scotland campaign will run until Thursday 31 August.

Paisley Pirates have announced a major coup with the signing of former Manchester Phoenix and Braehead Clan forward Adam Walker, who will join the re-jigged coaching set up within the current SNL champions.

Ian Turley commented, “I’m absolutely delighted to have landed Adam, who will primarily function as a coach within the club, although he will be registered as a player so that, if circumstances dictate, he can add his considerable playing ability to our bench. Adam’s skills behind the bench are already well known to Pirates’ fans, as he coached the Dundee Comets to a double success last year in the finals of the league playoffs and Scottish Cup, ironically against us on both occasions, so our new coaching team can boast that between them their clubs picked up the major honours in the SNL last season.”

He went on, “I don’t see the arrival of Adam as a sign of me bringing in an assistant, I regard it as a partnership of equals, although the buck stops with me with regard to any coaching issues in the final analysis. He will make a huge difference to us on the coaching front as, on a very simplistic level, he can be taking players at one end of the ice to work on a particular aspect of playing, while I can be working at the other end on something else. He’s got so much more than that, however, as his wealth of experience in playing for teams at the top level can only be a good thing for the club in general and the players in particular.”

“I’ve felt for some time that we needed to enhance the coaching set up within the club, and Adam is a perfect fit for where I see the club going. We already share a number of philosophies and ideas on coaching, but I felt I needed someone who will from time to time make me think differently, maybe even challenge my ideas, and I’m entirely happy that Adam will bring that element to the club.”

Walker said, “I’m really chuffed to be getting the chance to join one of Scotland’s top clubs, so much so that I’m certain I’ll learn a lot just by being part of it. The regular commute to Dundee was just getting too much to contemplate continuing, much as I really enjoyed being with a great squad of players, and I could hardly believe my luck when the chance came up to join a club pretty much on my doorstep. To be invited to become part of the set up is, for me, a very great honour as it has always been, in recent times certainly, a very well run club and, of course, it has a heritage going back 70 years. Pirates have a very professional outlook as to how they go about their business and Ian comes across very strongly as a guy who wants to improve every single time the team is on the ice and that’s a philosophy I share. Ian is a very fine coach in his own right and I think it can only be a matter of time before that is recognised at international level.”

“From what I saw of them last year, the players work very hard, and that ethic will always bring results. The club has a substantial core of very good players already, so we have a very solid base to work from and I’m really looking forward to making a contribution to the continuous improvement of the squad. I genuinely feel that the match of Ian and myself as a coaching team will help make that happen.”

Turley continued, “From a player’s perspective, we’re hoping too that Adam’s signing will make this year’s squad members look at themselves and realise that when you play for the Pirates you should constantly be re-evaluating your contribution and commitment to the cause, and bringing in someone who will change the group dynamic for the better will help achieve that aim. The slate has been wiped clean in the sense that those who played for us last season and, indeed, maybe in previous years shouldn’t necessarily expect to be automatically offered the chance to play for one of the top teams in the league-they’ll have to earn their spot!”

“We have 22 places to fill on the roster and we will be looking for every one of them to be filled by guys wanting to play on the first line every week, rather than just occupy a spot. We’re also looking for players to be coming to us having already achieved a good level of fitness, rather than working up to it once the season actually commences. It will hopefully send out a message that regardless of what you have done in the past, and remember, we’ve just won the league, you always need to be looking to improve, and that’s one of the messages that Adam’s signing should send out.”

“It’s very important to the club that we can continue to persuade young developing players to come to the Pirates, and we think our first signing is very much a declaration of intent, namely, that young guys coming to us wanting to improve their skills, and be the very best they can be, will get every chance to do so.”

YOUNGSTERS at an indoor beach could hardly believe their eyes yesterday when they were joined on the sand by some visitors from a galaxy far, far away.

Stars Wars characters from the desert – two Jawas, a Tusken Raider and two Sandtroopers take a look round the beach area in Soar at intu Braehead

The beach in the Soar at intu Braehead leisure destination was almost a home from home for a Star Wars Tusken Raider and a Sandtrooper who had come from the sandy deserts of planet Tatooine.

Margaret Kirk and four-year-old Harry Ballantyne, from East Kilbride meet up with the Star Wars characters on the beach area in Soar at intu Braehead

The Star Wars characters, from the Imperial Scottish Squad, were visiting Soar to check out the lie of the land before they returned for the Film and Comic Con event being staged at the nearby intu Braehead Arena, on Saturday and Sunday, August 19 and 20.

Gracie Woods, aged three, from Kilbarchan joins the Star Wars characters on the beach area in Soar at intu Braehead

And they couldn’t resist spending time on the sand among the deckchairs and buckets and spades of the 32 metres long beach area specially created for youngsters to enjoy.

The free to use beach is open until Sunday, August 20 and features lots of sand to make sandcastles, deckchairs – including a giant deckchair, which is great for photographs – buckets and spades, beach hut, surfboard and beach games.

Marketing manager at intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “We know our beach is very popular with youngsters and their parents, but we didn’t realise the word had reached a galaxy that far away!

“But where else would a Tusken, who are known as the Sand People, go when they visited Earth other than our beach at Soar. After all, we’ve got plenty sand for everyone to enjoy.
“And of course, a Star Wars Sandtrooper had to be there as well to make sure the Tusken Raider was on his best behaviour.”

paisley from drone

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Intu Braehead

Intu Braehead and Soar at intu Braehead is to open a free play zone featuring toy brand PLAYMOBIL on Monday, July 31, as part of a summer of activity planned for families during the school holidays.

Intu Braehead

There will be a range of PLAYMOBIL toys as well as some larger than life figures to keep children entertained in the dedicated space that will be open in the central atrium at intu Braehead every day between noon and 5pm until Friday, August 11.

Children will even get the chance to meet members of the PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters team when they patrol the centre on Thursday, August 3, between 10am and 5pm.

Marketing manager at intu Braehead and Soar at intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “We’ll be bringing a smile to the face of all our younger customers thanks to our partnership with PLAYMOBIL over the next two weeks. It’s just one in a series of activities planned to keep families entertained over the summer holidays.”

Dedicated play zones will also open at intu’s 13 other centres up and down the country thanks to its partnership with PLAYMOBIL.


there will be total of twelve acts performing with an age range of 8-38 years old. There is something for everyone ranging from singers, dancers, guitarists and even a ukulele player.

Get on down to County Square tomorrow where the fun will kick off from 11am when Tickles the Clown (Insert photo) will be there to entertain the younger buddies before the main attraction of the day – the second heat of Paisley’s Got Talent  where Big Al will be on stage to introduce the next twelve entrants to our competition.

Come along and show your support for our very own talented Paisley Buddies, all vying for the Paisley’s Got Talent trophy and Grand Final Prize of £1000 – still time to get your entries in for the final heat on 12th August!!


Buddie (Insert photo), the Paisley First Mascot will also be making appearances throughout the day to entertain the audience and provide photo opportunities. Kirsty will also be present between 12-3pm for face-painting and balloon modeling for all our younger little Buddies. The day will end with an acoustic set on stage until 4.30 pm.


Come on down to our Summer Spree, have some fun, and all for FREE!!!!

Bascule Bridge

The only remaining bascule bridge in Scotland is set for a six-figure investment to ensure it remains operational for river traffic.

The Category A listed Inchinnan Bascule Bridge which straddles the White Cart River in Renfrew, will undergo essential mechanical works to lengthen its lifespan and ensure it retains the ability to open and close when required.

The bridge will be closed for a period of four weeks from Saturday 5 August with diversionary routes in place to ensure access across Renfrewshire is maintained.

The bridge will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists across the duration of the scheduled works.

Planned works set to take place on the outlying Barnsford Road will be postponed until a later date in order to minimise disruption in the area as much as possible.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of the Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said, “The Bascule Bridge is a historic part of Renfrewshire’s heritage and we must ensure that we protect its status as the only lifting bridge of this type currently operational in Scotland.

“There was a fantastic turnout at last year’s Doors Open Day when hundreds of people came along  to see it open and close, highlighting the regard in which the bridge is held in the community.

“We apologise for any inconvenience closing the bridge may cause and hope the public will appreciate by closing it once, we are avoiding a series of closures to complete repairs section by section.

“We recognise the bridge is an important transport link for Renfrewshire and it is vital it is maintained to a high standard for use by commuters and businesses.

“The works will preserve the bridge and ensure it remains fully operational for both road and river traffic for years to come.”

The White and Black Cart rivers have been an important crossing site for many years. Initially, people were forced to wade across before a ferry was used to make the crossing.

A seven-arch bridge was built in 1759 crossing both rivers, but was washed away in 1809.

Two separate bridges, which are still in use today, were built in 1812 as a replacement for the crossing although they could not accommodate large ships sailing into Paisley.

In 1838, a swing bridge was installed, the name of which still remains locally, despite the lifting bridge being opened in 1923.

The bridge was given Category A listed status in 1994 which classified the bridge under the category of ‘buildings of national or international importance, either architectural or historic, or fine little-altered examples of some particular period, style or building type’.

Full information on the diversion routes in place can found at

West College Scotland has partnered with Elior UK (one of the UK’s leading hospitality companies) at Ibrox stadium under the guidance of award winning Chef Jav Aziz.

We are looking for people with a positive attitude, who are willing to learn in a fast moving environment to take part in a unique and exciting opportunity to develop their professional cookery knowledge and skills.

This opportunity is open to a very limited number and will involve training and working within the stadium’s hospitality and function kitchens and restaurants as well as attending classes at West College Scotland’s Paisley campus.

A recruitment event including interviews will be conducted at Ibrox stadium in September 2017 and the 14 week bursary funded course will commence on 11 September 2017.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements required, although experience in hospitality would be beneficial.

Want to apply for this unique opportunity and to find out more?

For more information or to apply visit:

One of Renfrewshire’s newly-elected Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) is heading down to Liverpool to represent the West of Scotland.

Josh Kennedy at Renfrewshire’s Scottish Youth Parliament election results in March 2017

In (month), Josh Kennedy became a Member of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP) and will be one of eight MYPs representing Scotland at the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) annual sitting, taking place from 28 to the 30 July 2017.

Josh was elected as an MYSP for Renfrewshire North West alongside Maria Alam, with Niamh Mclaughlin and Ross Boyd representing young people in Paisley, and Stirling McGee for Renfrewshire South.

He said: “I put myself forward as a candidate as I’ve always had a large interest in politics. I look forward to meeting new people and being the voice of youths in my community.

“I hope to get myself known within the political community, I also wish to try and change the way youths see politics.”

MYPs and MSYPs are elected to ensure the views of young people they represent are listened to by decision makers through meeting MPs, local councillors and in Scotland MSPs as well as running campaigns.

Renfrewshire Council’s Convener of Education and Children’s Services, Councillor Jim Paterson, said: “Young people are a vital part of our community and should have their say on decisions made now that might affect them in the future. Having Renfrewshire’s young people represented at Scottish and UK level is a fantastic opportunity to let decision makers hear what young people here need and want.”

Renfrewshire’s MSYPs are support by the Council’s youth services team as part of their aims to improve outcomes for young people in the area and make sure their voice is heard.

Young people in Renfrewshire looking to get in touch with their MYP or MSYP should contact youth services on 0141 889 1110 or email

SHOPPERS yesterday saw a retail chain with a difference at intu Braehead – after security staff started patrolling on bikes.

Youngsters Shay McGinn, aged four, from Johnstone with intu Braehead bike patroller Willie Carmichael

It’s thought the shopping mall and leisure destination is the first in the UK to equip its staff with bicycles to help them get around car parks, it’s riverside boardwalk and pathways.

On bike patrol, intu Braehead security staff, Mohammed Aswar and Willie Cunningham

Security staff, Willie Carmichael and Mohammed Aswar have now completed a training course on patrolling on bicycles, with tuition from an expert with the government-backed Cycling Scotland charity.

The idea for the cycle patrols around the shopping centre and the nearby Soar leisure destination came from intu Braehead’s operations manager, Paul Lucas.

He explained: “We are a 300-acre site and there’s a very large outside area we are responsible for. That includes several car parks with 6500 free spaces, the boardwalk along the River Clyde and the many walkways and cycle paths.

“We thought having some of our security staff on mountain bikes would be a good way of covering such a large area in a quick and environmentally friendly way.”

Paul added: “It also gives the public a reassurance that there’s help at hand no matter if they are inside or outside intu Braehead.

“Initially, we have purchased two bikes, but if required and if the initiative is successful, we can have more available for our staff to use.”

Caroline Hammond, Development Officer at Cycling Scotland, said: “Working with intu Braehead on this unique initiative has been a pleasure.

“Training security staff to cycle confidently as part of their daily rounds is an efficient and innovative way to embed cycling into everyday journeys.

“Cycling Scotland offers a range of training opportunities to help more people to cycle regularly, and it is great to see our training being implemented in this way.”

There are green fingers aplenty at an outdoor growing centre designed to motivate people to learn about healthy eating while being physically active.

left to right – Christopher Scott, Rachael Sinclair, Jennifer Bowskills, Ian McCall, Christopher McMillian

The greenhouse-style building has been created at Spinners Gate Resource Centre in Paisley to develop more opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and autism to become involved with gardening and food-growing activities.

Through funding from the Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership, individuals have the chance to sow, tend to and harvest their own food.

Using the fresh produce grown, the people supported at Spinners Gate have the chance to learn how to cook from the ground to the plate and understand more about how the meals they prepare will help them live a fit and healthy life.

It is hoped that by developing their growing and cooking skills, and working together as a team, those involved will have improved self-esteem and developed greater self-confidence as a result.

Linda Lightbody, Day Service Manager, said: “This is a fantastic resource which will enable us to provide year-round gardening activities for the people we support.

“We have been keen to develop the outdoor space at Spinners Gate for some time and this is an excellent way of doing so.

“Everyone involved is getting so much out of it and we are really meeting outcomes for individuals, with health benefits, sense of achievement, and pride in what they have achieved.”

The programme will be supported by Tom Malone from Young Enterprise Scotland for the first six months.  A qualified horticulturist, Tom is supporting staff at Spinners Gate to develop the resource to ensure those involved get the most of the facility.

Tom said: “From previous experience I have clearly seen the benefits to physical and mental health of being involved in gardening activities and it’s great to see this resource being developed at Spinners Gate.

“I am really enjoying working with service users and staff, sharing ideas and learning together, so that we can make the resource sustainable for many years to come.”

For more information on support in Renfrewshire for adults with learning difficulties visit:


Paisley winning the UK City of Culture 2021 title would be good news for the whole Glasgow region, according to key cultural and business figures from the city.


The Renfrewshire town was last week named as the only Scottish place on the shortlist for the prestigious title, run by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Paisley’s bid is part of a wider push to transform the town’s future using its internationally-significant heritage and cultural offer.

And with bid bosses forecasting an economic bonanza worth hundreds of millions, and 1.7m event attendances for Paisley’s potential 2021 year, the benefits would be spread throughout the city region.

Should Paisley win the 2021 title, it would be the latest in a line of major events for the Glasgow area, such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2018 European Championships.

Jill Miller OBE, director of cultural services at Glasgow Life, said: “We are delighted Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture in 2021 has reached the shortlist.

“The bid is already of extraordinary quality and will continue to bring huge economic and cultural benefits to Paisley and to surrounding areas, especially Glasgow.

“The bold, innovative and exciting Paisley 2021 offer is a compelling mix of its existing cultural assets and brilliant new work and is proudly carrying the hopes of the whole country with it.”

The bid has also been backed by Glasgow Airport – which sits within Paisley’s boundaries – and links the town with 120 destinations worldwide.

Amanda McMillan, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said: “Huge congratulations must go to the 2021 bid team and the people of Paisley for their efforts in ensuring the town made the shortlist. What a fantastic achievement.

“Securing UK City of Culture status in 2021 would provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really showcase this iconic Scottish town’s rich cultural and historical heritage.

“Everyone at Glasgow Airport remains firmly behind the bid, and as Scotland’s only remaining contender it is important the entire country backs Paisley in the months ahead.”

It is estimated Paisley’s 2021 year could bring a £172m economic boost and create the equivalent of 4,700 jobs over a ten-year period.

Current UK City of Culture hosts Hull have seen £1 billion of investment since winning the title in 2013, with the city attracting 1.4m visitors in just the first three months of its year in the spotlight.

Paisley is joined on the shortlist by Coventry, Stoke, Sunderland and Swansea.

Councillor Iain Nicolson, chair of the Paisley 2021 partnership board, added: “We are delighted with the support we have had over the past week from our partners in Glasgow and beyond…we are now Scotland’s bid.

“Our excellent transport links make us easy to reach – we have Scotland’s fourth-busiest rail station and an international airport, and there are 2.6 million people within a one-hour drive of Paisley.

“While winning the 2021 title would transform the future of Paisley and Renfrewshire, there is a recognition it would also be very good for the wider region too.

“Those benefits would be economic – through the number of visitors – but also social and cultural, with opportunities for people to come to Paisley to enjoy a programme of world-class artists.”

For more information, see