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Paisley Pirates go into this weekend’s local derby against North Ayrshire Wild buoyed by their 3-1 success at the home of the reigning SNL champions, Kirkcaldy Kestrels, last Sunday evening in a tight thriller in Fife.

paisley pirates

“We played very well against the champions,” said coach Ian Turley as he reflected on the match before looking forward to another tough looking local derby. “Once again, I was delighted that we kept calm and stuck to the game plan which saw us through, just as it had done the previous weekend when we came back against Dundee Comets. It gives us confidence to know we can play for 60 minutes, and it puts a wee bit of pressure on our opponents as they know they won’t get any respite from us over the course of the game.”

He continued, “Sure, as we anticipated, there were times in the match against the Kestrels that we were under pressure, you have to expect that when you’re playing against good teams. What was pleasing, though, was the way in which we dealt with those situations and came out the other side with a win. Our young team is getting better with every game and I’m pleased with the way the newcomers are settling in as if they’ve never played with anyone else.”

“This Sunday we have another challenge in front of us in the form of North Ayrshire Wild. We know they’ve got a good team assembled as they’ve already recorded a win and two draws against good opposition. They’ve got a talented squad, with a couple of former Pirates in their ranks, and they’ll be desperate to put one over us, and equally we’re very keen to put on another performance for our own supporters. I know the Wild will bring a good number of supporters with them so it has all the hallmarks of a noisy local derby, just the way we like them!”

“I keep saying this, and it doesn’t get any less true each time I do-if there’s a more value for money evening around than coming to watch the Paisley Pirates in action, I certainly don’t know about it. The word is getting about that we’re worth a look, and it’s a great family night out without breaking the bank to do it, so get yourselves along to watch us this Sunday at 6.00pm!”

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In the current economic climate in the UK, it is obvious that charities need greater support. It can be difficult for individuals and businesses to focus on their own needs and also support others, but there is a great deal to be said for those who back worthwhile causes. In an area like Paisley in Renfrewshire, there are many fantastic local causes requiring backing to support the local community. In this regard, it makes sense for local businesses to get involved with helping charities.

A report undertaken at the end of 2013 by the Directory of Social Change suggests that business support for charities in the UK comes in at around £700m to £800m a year. This accounts for 2% of charity income in the UK. Given that individuals contribute around 43% of charities’ income and statutory sources offer 37%, it is clear that businesses could do more. The level of business support was calculated at 0.4% of pre-tax profits, which is less than the recommended 1%.

Why do businesses support charities?

There are many reasons why businesses support charities. The PR benefits that a company can receive from supporting good causes and providing funding to a charity can create goodwill and generate sales in the long term. There is also the fact that the publicity surrounding charitable deeds can generate more awareness of the company than traditional advertising or promotional methods.

Local and national news outlets won’t provide coverage of a business for its everyday activities, but a company supporting a good cause or a local community is a news story in itself. Quite often, the money spent by a business supporting a local charity is more than compensated for by the increased exposure and media coverage that the business receives.

It is also important for businesses to be aware of their local market and the need to be seen as a community-based company. While the rise of the Internet and social media makes the world a smaller place for businesses, it also increases local awareness. Companies can positively impact upon their reputation and attractiveness to consumers by actively supporting the local community.

Another very strong reason to support a local charity is that your employees will feel a stronger bond with your business. Many companies allow their employees to pick a charity to support, or they may provide backing to a charity nominated by employees or one that is close to their families. This is a fantastic way for a company to engineer loyalty and respect from their employees without having to pay higher wages or improve working conditions.

Depending on the sums of money involved, the charities that are being supported and the nature of the company itself, there may be tax benefits to a company in supporting a charity. This is something that individual businesses should examine and there are often local bodies that will provide further insight into this aspect.

The key benefits that a company can receive from supporting a charity are:

  • Potential tax breaks
  • Employee perks and benefits
  • Free promotion and publicity
  • Networking
  • Creating awareness and picking up new followers
  • Feeling energised or motivated from supporting a local business

The fact that there are so many benefits in supporting charities should ensure that businesses take steps to be more charitable.

Give funds or a portion of profits to charity

Charities always need financial support. Many companies run promotions stating that a certain percentage of their sales on a set day or period will be provided to a charity. This can drive traffic to your site or store and can increase sales, but it also supports a worthwhile cause.

It is important to realise that you don’t need huge sums of money to back a charity, every penny counts. An example of this is found in the work undertaken by Penny Appeal. In taking small change from a wide range of people and businesses, it actually raises enough funds to provide effective poverty relief support around the world.

Allow charity access to your premises to canvass support or raise funds

Sometimes, charities wish to get their message across in a more personalised manner. In this case, a company can help a charity by providing direct access to its audience and customers. Allowing charity workers to canvas or ask for support on your premises or website can generate significant awareness and backing.

Host an event in support of a charity

Many organisations host charity events, creating a fun evening that also provides funding and creates awareness of a local group or significant charity.

Volunteer at a local charity

On occasion, a local business can assist a charity more with its time than with its cash. If your workforce has skills that can benefit a charity, arranging time for employees to volunteer can be of significant benefit to a local charity group.


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If you discover that your present way of keeping financial records is not giving you the financial control that you need to run your Paisley business effectively, it is necessary to revive your finance practices. This can give you better management, insight and greater survival rates. It is generally not difficult, especially when you give greater diligence to your money, and when you have the right software to simplify the financial processes you need.

Rearranging financial control

Putting your finances in order requires several things. The first and most important is constant and thorough recordkeeping. It is essential that you keep track of all expenditures and sales. You must know what money is coming in and how much money is going out at all times.

Once you have a system in place to record your transactions and expenditures, it is necessary to analyse the data. From it, you should be able to understand those times of the month when income is lower, as well as knowing when all your bills are due.

The importance of sound financial management

Having good data on your business income and outflow enables you to plan accordingly. You will be able to anticipate slower sales, and then know that you need to spend less during that time. Marketing should decrease at the same time, but increase when you know people are more apt to be in a buying mood.

Without good control of your finances, you are apt to wake up one day and find yourself in serious debt – and with no money to pay the bills. Ignoring it is definitely not going to help. You need money to pay the employees, buy more materials, pay yourself, pay the rent and utilities, and more.

How to revive your business finances

Getting your business back on track financially can be accomplished by following a few simple steps. The sooner you take these steps, the less time it will take to revive your finances. Waiting only lets the problem grow, which means that it will take longer to resolve. To get started, you will need to do the following things.

Choose the right software

There are many software accounting packages out there. Instead of buying one that you really do not need, or that costs too much, determine your needs for it, find one that will meet those needs, and then make your purchase.

Take time to learn the features and benefits

Being able to create charts and trends automatically from the software is essential to keeping your business finances under control. This can give you a quick glance at trends and see problem seasons. Once you have purchased the software, remember that it is only good if you know how to use it. Learn how to use all the features that will help you.

Get caught up on entering data

Once you know how to use it, enter in all your accounting data, and assign someone (or do it yourself) to maintain the records daily, or weekly. If you would rather not get involved in the finances, choosing someone else can enable you to have more time to devote to those aspects of the business that only you can do – focus on your strengths. As an owner, however, you do want to oversee your finances and get regular reports. Keeping your business finances under control depends on this, and it needs to be a priority.

Develop an invoicing system

Creating invoices is a very good way to increase your monthly income. Not only will you be able to tell how much money is owed to your business at a glance, but you will also know how much you can expect to come in. Adding interest and penalties on balances or late payments will provide an incentive for your customers to pay their bills on time, creating a better cash flow for you.

You can reduce the costs of sending out your invoices if you do it through email. It will save time, the cost of labour, printing and stamps, and it can also be processed automatically every month. To use an invoicing system that has everything covered, you can find a range of  invoice templates online.

Find money for savings

Reviving your finances should include having a way to prepare for contingencies. You can expect to have problems sooner or later that will force your business to close, or prevent customers from buying. It could be a natural disaster or an economic one – or even a seasonal one. Having some extra money in the bank is part of having good control of your company’s finances. It will be there during the slow times, providing you with money to get by and keep your business going.

Getting the right software and invoicing system can enable you to revive your finances and become a more stable business. Take action quickly with the right tools and it will also help take some pressure off of you.





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Low Fat Square slice Sausage contains less than 5% Fat £3.30 lb
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How to Adopt Good Spending Habits: 5 Top Tips


Sometimes, it feels like the world is geared up to get you spending money. Relentless TV adverts, tweets from your favourite brands, and even text messages from your most loved retailers can make it really hard to not part with your cash. But there are a number of things you can do if you want to get better at spending. Here are our five top tips for better spending habits so that you’ve got a bit more cash knocking around in your current account at the end of the month.


  1. Plan your spending
    Do a bit of forward planning when it comes to your spending. If you know that your hair needs a trim, for instance, plan it for the following month once you’ve been paid so you know you can afford it. But if you’ve a dental appointment and a car MOT to cough up for in the same month, consider delaying that haircut until you’ve paid for the important stuff first! Planning like this will help you to think about what you spend your money on and help you to prioritise your spending too.


  1. Delay unplanned purchases whenever possible
    Another great tip is to put a bit of time between seeing something you want and actually paying for it. For instance, if you’ve caught sight of a great pair of jeans in a shop window (but didn’t plan to buy a new pair), then don’t allow yourself to head to the counter to pay for them. Instead, commit to giving it a week – or 30 days if you can manage it! Then, see if you still want the jeans. Impulse shopping can cause us to spend more than we mean to, and delaying purchases a bit might see you get better control over your spending.


  1. Don’t spend more than you have to

It’s inevitable you’re going to spend money throughout the month, but you can be smart about how much you spend. Reduce the amount of money you’re spending by buying things in bulk, shopping at cheap stores and supermarkets, and putting off big purchases until sale seasons. For instance, bed linen is often on sale in January, and electronics are reduced in spring. Also, consider switching over your debt too. If you’ve got a logbook loan or another form of finance to pay off, shop around and see if you can switch lenders to get a better deal so that you’re not spending more than you absolutely have to.


  1. Try to distance yourself from bad influences

Next, tackle the people or things who make you spend money! For instance, talk to friends who egg you on to buy things, or partners that aren’t committed to the same financial future as you. Remove shopping apps from your phone, log out of online stores so you can’t just buy things in a few short clicks, and make a deal with yourself not to use your lunch break for a spot of online window shopping. Go for a walk or read a book instead!


  1. Give yourself rewards for good spending habits

Finally, if you’ve been able to implement all these tips successfully, reward yourself! This could mean spending money on yourself, but if you really want to break that habit of thinking that spending equates pleasure, do something else to celebrate. Perhaps a movie night with friends, or a pamper session in your own home would be a nice way to mark the fact you’ve practised great spending habits and will do so again next month?



paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates have made another important signing, but their latest addition will be doing all his work off the ice.

The club has recruited Chris Mudie to their ranks, and he will be acting as the club’s physio/sports therapist on match nights, where he will take his place on the bench alongside the club’s playing squad, team manager, and coach.

paisley pirates

Coach Ian Turley commented, “He’s another very important signing for us, as he’s got loads of qualifications while he’s already built up a business as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist, while he’s well versed in massage techniques as well, and I’m sure the club in general, and the players in particular, will benefit hugely from having him at their side.”

He went on, “We might be an amateur club playing in an amateur league, albeit the highest calibre competition at this level in Scotland, but as I’m constantly saying, that shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to being as professional an outfit as we can possibly be in our preparation, fitness levels, and everything else which goes into these elements of the sport. Chris’ addition to the ranks means we can raise the bar a little higher in those respects, and for our players it means they’re perhaps getting the services of a qualified professional which they’d maybe not get if they were playing somewhere else.”

“We keep preaching the need to have a healthy regime in place if you want to play ice hockey, and Chris’ signing is just more evidence that we don’t just talk about it, we go out and do it! He’s got experience in identifying rehabilitation needs after an injury as well, and while, of course, we’re hoping that players won’t have recourse to that element of his services on a regular basis, just knowing he’s there is in itself a big plus for us. We’re looking to having him work with us on a weekly basis and I don’t think it will be long before we see the benefit of having our latest recruit working alongside the rest of the team.”

A Bench on the Road by Laura Pasetti.

‘We are all immigrants.’ Orchowski, Barack Obama, Pope Francis
Charioteer Theatre and Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, present the world premiere of A Bench on the Road. Written and directed by Laura Pasetti, A Bench on the Road is a rich piece of musical and visual storytelling exploring women’s experiences of Italian-Scottish immigration in Scotland between 1850-1950.


Based on hundreds of true stories collected over 30 years of research, the play tells of Scottish and Italian women divided, yet united, in the battle for identity and belonging. Spanning a century of unprecedented radical change, the diverse experiences of the women from both cultures meet and intertwine.

Seven women will be on stage – six actresses and one accordionist – telling the story of the many women who emigrated from Italy in one hundred years of history. Ancient traditional songs, Scottish and Italian folk music, physical theatre and an interesting marriage of languages and dialects will give life to the stories of daughters, mothers, sisters… three generations of women embarking on the same journey in search of a new beginning. The result is a dialogue between acceptance and rejection, confrontation and collaboration.

Laura Pasetti has collaborated with Andrzej and Teresa Welminski, former actors of Tadeusz Kantor and experts of his techniques, to give strong relevance to the visual impact of the images on stage. Jen McGregor is Assistant Director, Lighting Design is by Manuel Frenda, Costumes by Simona Paci and Natalie Toyne is Vocal Coach.

A Bench on the Road started as a piece of research commissioned in 2013 by the University of Edinburgh under the Italian-Scottish Research Cluster project (ISRC) and resulted in this production based on the archival items held by the ISRC, including recorded interviews and other personal documents, regarding and involving women.

Laura Pasetti is the Artistic Director of Charioteer Theatre. After 20 years on the most prestigious stages as a lead actress in Italy and abroad Laura moved to Scotland where she founded Charioteer Theatre. She is director and playwright in residence at Piccolo Teatro di Milano and she has been collaborating with Accademia della Scala, Teatro Stabile di Torino, University of Washington, IES Abroad.

A Bench on the Road is supported by Creative Scotland and sponsored by Italian Cultural Institute of Edinburgh, Italian Chamber of Commerce, Italian Scotland, Paramount Creative and ifs Worldwide.

Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley
Tue 11 October, 7.30pm
£10 (£6) + booking fee


Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North,  encourages everyone in Renfrewshire to run, jog, walk or volunteer at a ‘parkrun’ on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of October to help celebrate the 12th anniversary of the running phenomenon. There are parkruns currently taking place in 440 Constituencies each weekend, with more events launching every week. 


Gavin Newlands MP is taking part in the parkrun event that’s being held in Linwood on Saturday the 1st of October. 

parkrun UK supports local volunteers to establish and deliver free, weekly, timed runs for their communities, which are accessible to both runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. 

Saturday 5k events are open to everyone, and 2k junior parkrun on Sunday is for children aged from 4-14. 

Since the first parkrun in London’s Bushy Park in 2004, more than one million people in the UK have taken part. Each weekend sees around 90,000 runners and walkers participating in the free 5k and 2k events, thanks to the contribution of 10,000 volunteers. 

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said: 

“parkrun and junior parkrun are two of the most accessible activities you will find anywhere. They are completely free, open to anyone and perfect for families because they can participate together. 

“The fact that parkrun is a run not a race, and finishes with people enjoying tea and coffee together, shows that it is as much about bringing the local community together each week as it is about running. 

“I am looking forward to taking part in the parkrun event that’s being held in Linwood on the 1st of October. This will be a great opportunity to have fun as a community and become more active in the process. 

Chief Operating Officer for parkrun UK Tom Williams said:

“Our aim is to break down the barriers to regular physical activity and volunteering, both for organisers and participants. We are proud to support local volunteers in more than 500 locations around the UK who provide parkrun to their communities every weekend.

“We know that many MPs are already regular participants at their local parkruns, and we’ve been delighted to hear from so many others who will be going along on the first weekend in October to see first-hand the amazing contribution that parkrun volunteers are making in their constituencies.”

 Earlier this month around 50 MPs attended a parkrun Parliamentary Reception hosted by Graham Evans MP, the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Running. The Reception provided parkrun UK with an opportunity to explain more about how it is supporting local communities to promote regular physical activity and volunteering.

RIVER City crimper Robbie Fraser is swapping his TV hairdressing salon for a real-life stint in the kitchen.

River City actor Gary Lamont, left and chef, John Quigley getting ready for the Great Taste event in Soar at intu Braehead

River City actor Gary Lamont, left and chef, John Quigley getting ready for the Great Taste event in Soar at intu Braehead

Actor Gary Lamont is being given plenty food for thought by top Scots chef, John Quigley as he prepares to host a free Great Taste cookery event in Soar at intu Braehead, on Monday.

Gary, who has starred as Shieldinch hairdresser, Robbie in the BBC soap for the past seven years, will be presenting a veritable cornucopia of culinary delights in a special kitchen being created in the central mall.

Cooking up a storm will be former rock ‘n’ roll chef, John Quigley, who now runs the popular Red Onion restaurant, in Glasgow.

In a previous culinary career, John was the concert tour chef to rock stars such as Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Elton John, Janet Jackson and the Bee Gees.

The Great Taste event is being held between 2pm and 6pm, on Monday, September 26 and John will be demonstrating how to cook some of the mouth-watering Mexican, Italian, Indian and American dishes that are served in restaurants in Soar at intu Braehead.

Marketing manager at intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “Everyone can have a gourmet afternoon and best of all, people will get a taste of the fabulous food as samples of the delicious dishes being cooked will be handed round to everyone who comes along.”

Log on to <>  for more information about the Great Taste event.

An everyday tale of caution, courage and Cleo Laine.
Celia and Oliver are in the world’s most expensive hotel, drunk on the world’s most expensive champagne. It’s not good. They have thirty minutes to make up their minds about a risky proposal that could tear their lives apart. A powerful politician waits downstairs for their decision. Will they retreat to the daily disillusionment of running a failing charity? Or will they find the courage to reveal their true feelings and speak truth to power?


The Course of True Love is a brand new performance from multi-award-winning writer and director David Leddy, who has been called a ‘maverick’ (The Guardian), a ‘genius’ (The Scotsman), an ‘innovator’ (The Times) and an ‘institution’ (The Independent).

A Play, A Pie and A Pint first presented this play as a production at Oran Mor, Glasgow and The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen.

“Gorgeous… witty… resonant” The Scotsman

“Poignant and insightful” The Times

Tickets for The Course of True Love are £10 (£6 conc ) + bkg fee* and are available at the Box Office on 0300 300 1210 Suitable for ages 16 +

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has hailed the ‘fantastic’ work that Advice Works do to help local people deal with reforms to the benefits system.

Advice Works is a free, confidential and independent service which provides a range of money and debt advice to people in Renfrewshire including budgeting, negotiating with creditors, bankruptcy, mortgage and rent arrears, checking that people are getting all the benefits that they are entitled to and helping with completing forms.

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“I was grateful to the team from Advice Works for taking the time to meet me and speak about their experience of helping people who are at threat of losing their benefits due to the ongoing Welfare Reform and austerity agenda.

“We were also able to discuss the ATOS PIP assessments and the ongoing issues with Concentrix – both of which are causing a significant amount of stress and anxiety amongst the most vulnerable in our society and are common issues raised by my constituents.

“The fantastic service that Advice Works provides is essential and I would encourage anyone who is facing financial difficulty to get in touch with them.”

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Facing redundancy: What are your options?


For those facing redundancy things can feel bleak. As the issue of paying bills and getting by becomes hard to comprehend it’s important to take a step back and take a look at your options. If you are unsure what these could be, then read on…

Get everything in order

Before you finish work ensure you have everything in order in regards to future bill payments and accommodation – debts should also be cleared if possible, to ensure your monthly costs are dramatically lowered. Budgeting is something you will need to put in place so your money goes further and can be taken up any time, it simply requires you sitting down and taking a good look at your finances, what you’re spending money on and how you can reduce these costs. Here’s an article on how to budget effectively.

Ensure your redundancy has been handled correctly

When being made redundant some employers might try to cut corners, either to save money or save face, so it’s important you know your rights when it comes to the issue.
You have the right to a fair process, which means the selection process of who to make redundant needs to be carefully considered and people should not be discriminated against in terms of race, age or gender.


You are also entitled to a minimum notice period and according to law this should be at least one week if you have been employed between one month to two years, one week’s notice for each year if you have been employed between two to 12 years and 12 weeks notice for those employed for 12 years or more.

Seek help

There is help available for those who find themselves unemployed. Job Seekers Allowance can help support you while you find a new role, you could also look into tax credits and speak to your local council about a reduction in council tax rates for being out of work. You can make benefits claims on the first day of unemployment and to ensure your financial situation doesn’t worsen it’s important you do so. However, it’s important to note that if you receive redundancy pay this might affect the amount you receive from the Government.

Check if you are owed redundancy pay

It’s imperative that your employer pays you the right amount of redundancy pay if you are owed it. If you have been at the same company for two or more years you will be entitled to redundancy pay of up to a maximum of £479. If your former employer is not offering this it’s important you challenge them, to ensure you receive the money you are owed. Click here to read The Money Advice Service’s in depth post on the matter.