When you’re travelling to the airport to go on holiday or for a business meeting, you’re probably going to be excited and looking forward to getting out of the country. Even though this is probably going to be the case most of the time, there’s also plenty of things that you will need to consider before, and when you’re travelling to the airport.


If you’re travelling to Europe, it is important that you take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. This will allow you to take advantage of EU healthcare if you’re injured or fall ill while you’re in the country. Not only will this help you to save a lot of money on any medical bills, it is also important for your peace of mind. If you don’t have an EHIC or it is in need of renewal, then you will need to make sure that you pick up a form to renew your European Health Insurance Card. However, just because you have an EHIC doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take out travel insurance, as there are a few things that an EHIC won’t cover, that your travel insurance will.


Most, if not all, airlines are strict about the amount of liquids that you’re allowed to take with you in hand luggage on the plane. If you’re travelling by plane, then you need to make sure that any liquids in your hand luggage are in their own container, and are of no more than 100ml. In addition to this, all liquids need to be carried in a single, transparent, resealable bag of up to 20cm x 20cm, with no more than a litre capacity. Everything from shower gels to spray deodorants are included in this regulation.


The most important thing that you need to have on you if you’re travelling by plane is to have a passport. Without a passport you won’t even be allowed on the plane, and although it’s a very basic thing to have to hand, many people often accidentally leave it at home. Just before you leave, and while you’re travelling to the airport, make sure that you have your passport on you.

Travel Documents

While you’re travelling to the airport, it is important to double check that you have all of your travel documents. Whether that’s for parking at the airport, your bus or train ticket to the airport, or your boarding passes, it is important to have all of these documents on you. If you have forgotten anything, for example your boarding passes, some airlines have mobile apps that you can use to retrieve your documents. Alternatively you might just have to turn around to make sure you have them, or you could end up missing your flight.


It is always important to have money with you no matter where you are. The best way to spread your money out is to have some in cash, and to have your debit or credit card with you. This will ensure that if you ever get robbed, or you run out of cash, you’ll be able to get more money out. You can even opt for a third option and have a travel money card, as a further back up plan, that can be topped up as and when you need to.