Coats Memorial

Two representatives from met with a key member of Thomas Coats Memorial Church on Thursday and we (as we announced on a reply to a post yesterday) can announce that the Baptist Church building will not close its doors, the board members of Coats Memorial are seeking other ways to keep the building open, I know they had some discussions with the council which I will put out a press release on the website in the coming days.


But with’s help and other key partners, we will work hard to ensure one of Paisley’s most iconic buildings stays open and I will also announce plans which we aim to help the Church board in keeping the doors open.

We need to ensure we keep our existing cultural, historic and rich heritage alive, not only that we need to restore buildings like the TA hall the Ferguslie Half Timers school and many more.

We do a lot at behind the scenes, quite a lot people don’t hear about, we don’t go shouting from the rooftops about our achievements but maybe we should so people know what a bunch of like minded people who have Paisley in their heart and minds can achieve and do, all with the aim to promote a Positive Paisley.

Remember we are not the council nor do any of us get paid, we do this because we want to make Paisley a better place to live, work and raise your family in. #PositivePaisley #Paisley2021

Photograph courtesy of Tom Caddell.