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Sporting and fitness challenge ideas to raise money in 2016

Paisley food Festival

If you’re in good shape and you like helping others, why not take on a physical challenge that tests your abilities and raises money for a charity at the same time? These are just a few of the many you can choose from and they can turn doing something you love into a means of making a real difference to people’s lives.

The Great North Run

The biggest running event after the London marathon, Newcastle’s Great North Run is all signed up for ballot entrants but there’s still a chance to be involved if you want to represent a charity. It’s a very friendly, supportive event that’s great for young people and beginners. Most entrants come from Northern England and many choose to fundraise for smaller charities based in their local areas – often ones to which they have a personal connection.

Cycle from Land’s End to John O’ Groats

If you really want to see if you can go the distance, there’s nothing quite like getting on your bike ad cycling the length of Britain. This organised group event means you can travel in stages alongside like-minded people, knowing there will be someone around to help if you should run into trouble, but you’ll still need real stamina to pull it off. You can elect to support a charity of your choice but the national nature of the event means many entrants choose charities that operate nationwide.

The Tough Mudder Challenge

The Mudder Challenge is different every year, so if you’ve done it before, you’ll find new obstacles to overcome this time around – from climbing walls to ditches full of freezing water, rope swings, zip lines and, of course, pits of mud. Challenges take place all around the country and sponsorship money goes to Help for Heroes, the charity that supports and rehabilitates wounded soldiers, helping them to regain control over their lives and feel positive about the future.

The Great London Newham Swim

The only sport that exercises every muscle in your body, swimming is a great choice of challenge and the more so when you’re doing it outdoors. This mile long event at the Royal Victoria Docklands is a great place to test your abilities and raise money for the charity of your choice. You will need sponsors before you can enter and you’ll also need a wetsuit. If you haven’t taken on a distance like this before, don’t worry because there will be safety boats on hand to help if necessary.

Selling your idea to sponsors

Once you’ve chosen an event, you’ll need to work hard to win sponsorship. Adding a unique twist to your entry, for instance by wearing a costume, can help with this. Social media provides great platforms for pitching your idea to your friends, but nothing beats the in-person approach.

Promoting your charity challenge can be a challenge in itself, but it will leave you with great skills and the hard work involved will be well worth it when you’re able to support a cause you’re passionate about.