“The Vida Collection” in the USA who also works with the Van Gogh Museum. I believe after someone sending them 1 of my Scenic Paisley gift cards and viewing my website www.gbyars.com Vida  asked me if I would be interested in 3 of my Paisley paintings to be made into Modal Scarf’s to be sold world wide, bringing a small bit of recognition to Paisley’s Architecture combined with the history of Paisley’s textile industry. Currently available online are The Paisley Coats Memorial, The Paisley Abbey and with the St Mirrin Cathedral getting set up just now and will be available in the Sunshine Gallery in the next couple of weeks http://shopvida.com/collections/voices/garry-byars


Garry has been working his way around Paisley with over 17 Scenic Paisley paintings with his most recent commission of the Bonnie Wee Well getting sent to Canada.


This year is the 30th anniversary since I first Painted the Replica Charleston Drum in 1986 which still leads the Sma Shot Day Parade to this day