Our annual Sma Shot day celebrations are taking place on Saturday 2nd July 2016 and we are looking for local community groups to come and get involved in the day.

Sma Shot is a celebration of the history of Paisleys weaving and textile industries and involves a parade through Paisley Town Centre and various activities within Abbey Close.

Sma Shot Day 48

Last year we worked with Walk the Plank a visual arts company to produce the parade element of the day.   This involved workshops where participants could make their own costumes and props for the parade, some groups also worked with a choreographer. Please see the attached video and picture links of the days events.

We will be working with Walk the Plank again this year and would like to offer your group the opportunity to get involved in this important event for the town.     All workshops are will be free of charge, the only requirement is a commitment to attend the workshops and attendance on the day of the event.

Although it is early in the year we are looking to secure groups to allow us to plan the event. If you would like to be involved or would like more information on the event please email towncentres@renfrewshire.gov.uk  with your group name and the number of people your group would like to attend.