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Taking a digital detox? 5 crafting ideas to keep you busy


More and more of us are deciding to take a digital detox, which means taking a step back from our mobile devices, our laptop and refraining from updating our social media profiles with mundane statuses about what we ate for breakfast. It’s beneficial to our minds, our social lives and surprisingly our posture, so well done for deciding to take this step.

However, without all this entertainment at hand you’re probably wondering what you should do in your down time – and crafting is the perfect answer. Not only does it give you a fun activity to do, but you might discover you have a particular talent for something you try. Here are five crafting ideas to keep you busy (and sane) during your detox; check these out and print them off before the big ‘switch off’ day:

  1. Candle making

Forget about buying that £15 Yankee candle jar ever again because you can create your own candles with fragrances you love for a much better price. Check out this tutorial, which details how to make candles completely from scratch, using essential oils as the fragrance, or you can pick up candle making kits from Homecrafts that feature all the tools and ‘ingredients’ you need, as well as detailed instructions to ensure nothing goes wrong. You can put your candles in tea cups, glass jars or bowls and give them as gifts or keep them for yourself.

  1. Resin jewellery

This is quite a tricky, time-consuming craft but one that if you get right could lead you down a whole new path. Resin jewellery allows you to cast objects in pendants to keep forever more – you will need to buy resin mixes and casts to get started but you will find lots of great tutorials and advice online before you switch off, on how to get started.

This guide on how to create jewellery which doubles up as a keepsake for a child’s artwork is a lovely idea and could give you lots of scope when it comes to handmade Christmas and birthday presents.

  1. Book folding

More of us are discovering the beauty and art of book folding, it’s a craft that takes time and patience to perfect but once you have a few patterns to follow you’ll be well away. Pick up some cheap, second hand hardback books and get practicing! Here’s a heart shaped pattern to get you started.

  1. Get crafty with chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is a great tool in any crafty person’s arsenal. Take some ornate frames and coat the glass with the paint to create pretty chalkboards you can use for shopping lists or to make notes on around the house. You could also paint wine bottles and use these as table decorations when people come over, writing their names on them to create place names or a special message for the occasion.

  1. Upcycle old clothes

If you are a dab hand with a sewing machine, you can take old clothes and revamp them into something completely new. Your partner’s old t-shirts could easily become superhero capes for the kids, while a t-shirt sleeve can be made into a cute hat for a small baby and socks can easily be transformed into a snuggly new friend for kids.