Paisley, Scotland – Seeing The Sights


Paisley, Scotland is a town that is rich in history and full of things to do and see. The town’s growth during the early nineteenth century was largely due to the textile industry. The paisley pattern, with its curving shapes, got its name from the town.

When visiting Paisley, it is impossible not to notice its beautiful historic buildings. However, the average visitor to Paisley may not know much about the history of these buildings. The beautiful Paisley Abbey is definitely worth a visit. Parts of the Abbey date back to 1163, during a time when it served as a Cluniac Monastery. If you enjoy the beauty of Victorian architecture, the Paisley Town Hall is an example of this style that you will not want to miss. The Town Hall has recently been refurbished both inside and out. The stunning Gothic styling of the Thomas Coats Memorial Church puts it on the “must-see” list as well. Finally, if you want to learn more about the history of Paisley, the town’s many statues each have a tale to tell.

The Sma’ Shot cottages are great to visit if you want to meet some interesting people and peruse Paisley’s rich textile history. Here you will find the original looms, and a cottage museum that will give you a peek back in time. The fully furnished and restored 18th century weavers cottages provide a fascinating look back to that time period.

In addition to the historic architecture, Paisley offers a lot of beauty through its landscape. If you want to get away from it all for a while, Saucel Hill, Glenifer Braes Country Park, or Barshaw Park are great destinations. There is even a hidden garden in Barshaw Park, which can be easily overlooked if you are not observant.

If photography is a hobby of yours, you will find a rich supply of subject matter to shoot in Paisley. Whether you prefer to photograph the beautiful architecture or the scenery and wildlife, you will leave with some truly stunning shots.

If science is your thing, you will need to visit the Coats Observatory. This public observatory first opened its doors in 1883. Here you can enjoy the museum, a guided tour of the Victoria-era building and scientific equipment, a planetarium show, and of course, the original telescope.

The Paisley Museum was opened in 1871 as Scotland’s first municipal museum. Over the years, the building was extended, a library extension was added, and more collections were included. In 1972, new shawl galleries were added. Of course, as one would expect, here you will find the world’s finest collection of Paisley shawls.

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