From the microscopic to the astronomic Light Fantastic embarks on a journey of discovery into the illuminating world of light.  This exhibition, currently on display at Paisley Museum runs until 28 March. Admission is FREE.

RDC Paisley Museum Light Fantastic 27.1.16

RDC Paisley Museum Light Fantastic 27.1.16

Visitors will discover how we explore the far reaches of space by studying distant light from the cosmos and learn more about the natural world. Discover how some snake species can ‘see heat’, how birds see in the ultra-violet and delve into the colourful world of iridescence apparent in the plumage of many birds and the wings of many butterflies. Visitors will also be able to view the hidden colours in minerals as they transform under fluorescing light and get up close to the microscopic world in our Micrarium.

John Pressly, Observatory Office at Coats Observatory and co-curator of the exhibition states  ‘The scientific apparatus from Coats Observatory featured in this exhibition is the Victorian equivalent of today`s advanced astronomical equipment and marks the progression made in studying the night sky scientifically in order to gain an understanding of the cosmos and our place within it.”

Nicola Macintyre, Assistant Curator of Natural History at Paisley Museum states ‘”The human eye is only capable of seeing light in the visible spectrum, but some animals can see further, into the infra-red and ultra-violet. Light in the natural world produces a great variety of effects from fungi and fish that create their own light, to minerals and invertebrates that fluoresce and the many beautiful birds, beetles and butterflies that shimmer with iridescent colour. This exhibition therefore will help to shine a light on the colourful world of nature”.

Councillor Jim Harte, Chairman of Renfrewshire Leisure Ltd states ‘This exhibition gives us the opportunity to showcase objects and displays from the impressive Natural History and Coats Observatory collections at Paisley Museum and I’m sure will appeal to visitors of all ages’

Light Fantastic features interactive displays, natural history specimens and rarely seen scientific equipment from the Coats Observatory collection.