The destination proposal is a popular trend for those who wish to get down on one knee and declare their love for their partner but when it comes to choosing the perfect destination to create that special moment in, where is best? There are plenty of (dare we say) cliché, yet romantic, destinations to consider around the world – i.e. the top of the Eiffel tower, on a gondola in Venice – but there are also plenty of other places to consider. Here are five great ones that don’t really fall into the usual tourist proposal traps:

  1. The Yorkshire Dales, in autumn

Nothing is more romantic than a walk in the crisp Autumn air, holding hands with your loved one and enjoying spectacular views of the open countryside with the trees just beginning their transition to their stunning Fall colours of red, orange and yellow. It’s the perfect place if you and your partner love to hike, and you can book a cosy cottage with an open fire to propose in front of in the evening when you return. Have a surprise bottle of champagne in the boot of the car ready to grab after they say yes!

  1. Winter Wonderland, London, in December

After a couple of hours getting out of breath ice skating on the rink and walking hand in hand looking at the stalls offering delicious treats and Baileys hot chocolate, when you reach the huge Christmas tree at the centre of the celebrations it’s the perfect time to pretend to tie your shoelace and then offer up a ring. The diamonds, nestled in that perfect engagement ring you created on the 77 Diamonds website, will glitter in the Christmas lights as they say yes, while forgetting about the cold and focusing only on you.

  1. Seychelles beach, Ikaria, Greece in summer

If you fancy a warmer location for your proposal then this is the place to go. Also known as the Jamaica of the Aegean Sea, this pebble rock beach in Ikaria is a stunning destination for couples to visit with stunning rock formations, crystal clear water and an intimate cove setting. Plan a trip in the early morning when there will be less people and take a water taxi to reach the beach – the hike down to the location can be a little hard to manage. Pack a champagne breakfast picnic to enjoy while listening to the waves lap on the shoreline. Once you’re finished eating go for a stroll and get down on knee in the entrance to one of the rock formations caves.

  1. The Goliath Rollercoaster, California in spring

If you’ve planned a trip to the US, and you and your partner are thrill seekers, this couldn’t be more perfect for popping the question. As the rollercoaster trundles up the tracks to reach the 255-foot-high drop you can tell them exactly what you love most about them and as you reach the peak, pop the question. Perhaps don’t get the ring out just yet, leave it until the restraints are off and you’ve recovered from the exhilarating 85 miles per hour plunge you both just enjoyed – the thrill of the proposal and the ride itself will give your partner something to remember forever.

  1. The Orange Garden, Rome in summer

Offering stunning views of the city itself, the Orange Garden is the perfect romantic destination for a proposal after you’ve spent the day trawling the streets of Rome and are ready to watch the sunset from a good vantage point. You will have to make your way up Aventine hill to reach the top but it’s worth it. Be sure to head down the street from the garden to look through the famous keyhole in the permanently locked green door as it offers a unique view into the grove of trees with the dome of St Peter’s Basilica nestled behind. It’s a peaceful location, away from the hustle of the city where you and your partner can enjoy your special proposal moment.


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