Will your child benefit from having a pet?


Keeping a pet in your home requires commitment from both parents and children. There’s little doubt that children love animals, and introducing a pet into the home is going to give them a major thrill. There are many issues to consider when thinking about the best pet to have for your children and it is partly age-related, especially when it comes to caring for an animal.

Pet choices

Naturally, there are many options to consider when choosing a pet. Dogs and cats are extremely popular but need to be looked after differently. Cats are independent creatures. You don’t take them for a walk, so you need to offer them freedom through a cat flap to leave the house if they want and return when they feel like it. Give a cat a roof over its head, warmth and food, and it will happily settle down with you.

Cats are also great for children, once the little ones have learned not to pick them up when they don’t want to be. Their fur is soft, they love to be stroked and your child can play with them just by dangling a piece of wool so the cat can jump and try to catch it. Children also love the opportunity to talk to their cats, establishing bonds that help with their own learning needs.

Dogs are harder work but nonetheless fantastic for children. They are loyal and faithful, love to be looked after and are great for getting exercise, as no matter how big or small they are they need to be walked and given the opportunity to run and play outside, the Maltipoo in is a great dog for children and other pets. It may be easier in a rural environment, but Paisley has many lovely parks where dogs can be exercised and can enjoy themselves while keeping fit and healthy.

For younger children, you could consider guinea pigs and hamsters as a way to start getting them into the idea of taking responsibility for another living creature. Animals are non-judgemental and so can help to relieve any stresses a child might be having in day-to-day life.

Caring for pets

Some pets have had a rough time before they arrive at their new home. At certain times of year, especially Christmas, dogs that have been bought as presents are sometimes unwanted and discarded. The lucky ones end up in animal shelters, and you can help rehome a loving puppy, especially during the New Year, though you can find dogs that need homes all year round.

You need to consider vets bills to ensure any pet you keep has had the appropriate inoculations. You should also ensure that you clear fleas from dogs and cats by using appropriate treatments. Your children will not be happy if they get flea bites, and neither will you, but it’s entirely preventable.

Pets can help develop deep emotional bonds for children, helping them to make their way through their young lives, giving them stability and developing their responsibility. Your child can certainly benefit from having a pet.