There’s no true ‘right way’ to move home, after all, we’re all different and everyone has differing ideas on what needs to be done in a house move. However, there is an expected way of vacating a property and here’s what the experts have to say on the matter:

Seek out good advice

Caroline Gardner, a conveyancing solicitor for 1st Property Lawyers, spoke to At Home Magazine about expert advice and how important it is that you check they are FSA regulated and ‘that they will provide you with a ‘Key Facts’ document for the mortgage/s they are proposing. It is your mortgage adviser’s responsibility to provide independent, impartial advice. Some advisors charge an hourly fee, so always find out what they plan to charge you and budget accordingly.’

Get a fair deal on removals

A website that aims to make moving simple,, recommends not necessarily going with the firm who offers the lowest price. You are trusting this firm with your personal property so need to be sure they will treat it with the respect it deserves and you should check with the British Association of Removers if a company you are considering is registered with them.

Change energy suppliers

Stephen Murray, energy commercial manager at MoneySupermarket, said: “When you move, your old energy tariff doesn’t move with you. So moving property will usually mean you are put on the standard (expensive) tariff of the supplier who already supplies your house. So it’s a good idea to switch your tariff when you move in.” It’s also important to remember that they won’t turn off your energy supply during the changeover and it’s so easy to change online via an online comparing service.

Get scrubbing

Whether you are selling your home or handing in your notice on a rented tenancy, it’s important you clean the place before you leave. Cleaning service company Molly Maid recommends taking on the services of a cleaning team that specialises in end of tenancy cleaning, this will ensure your house is ready for the new buyer to move into if you are selling or will ensure the return of your deposit if you leaving a rented property.

Have your mail redirected

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home to other people’s post through your letterbox so save the people in your old home some stress and have your mail redirected. Royal Mail reckons it will also reduce your risk of becoming a victim of fraud and only costs £29.99 for three months, which should give you enough time to change your address with everyone who needs to know.

With these tips in place, you will definitely be moving home in what is considered the ‘right way’ and doing what is expected to make everything run smoothly.


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