If you have a friend or relative who has recently taken up golf then a golf-inspired gift could be perfect for them, as they start to collect the accessories and perfect the sport. Here are eight ideas to give you some inspiration:

  1. Golf Magazine Subscription

Magazine subscription gifts are always a good idea, as it is the gift that keeps on giving. Instead of opening one present on their birthday or Christmas, they continue to have it land on their doorstep right through to the next one. A golfing title will provide them with plenty of hints, tips and inspiration each month!

  1. Golf Lessons

What better gift for a beginner golfer than lessons that will take them from a part-time putter to a pro! This could be a one-off beginners lesson to learn the basics, or it could be an ongoing course of lessons that teaches them everything from golf rules and etiquette to the basics of holding the club as well as chipping and putting.

  1. Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Perhaps more a stocking filler than a main gift, but this is the perfect present for a golfer that is always complaining about losing his balls. As a beginner, your golf balls are more likely to end up in the foliage or lakes, rather than anywhere near the spot they were aiming for. As a result they will go through a countless number of them, but not with these glasses! Designed with special tinted lenses, the glasses filter out foliage and grass, so the white ball appears to glow against trees and the fairway.

  1. Putting Mat

A putting mat is the perfect way to practice the sport at home, without smashing any windows or mirrors! A basic one can be bought for as little as £10 and will enable your golfer to put at home, from varying distances, with an authentic feel, due to the slight incline and smooth surface.

  1. Golf Experience Days

An experience day is a great opportunity for the golfer in your life to spend a day doing what they love either with you or a golf-loving friend. This could be a lesson with a PGA professional, lunch and lessons with a round of golf or a weekend away at one of the country’s top golfing locations.

  1. Personalised Golf Gift

A personalised gift will always show that you have put thought into the present, and a personal gift associated with a sport they love will definitely show this.
You can get pretty much anything personalised, from golf balls and towels to mugs and chocolates.

  1. Golf Clubs

There are so many different kinds of golf clubs, such as an iron, putter, wood, wedge or driver. Find out what they already have and get them one that they don’t have.

  1. Golf Clothing

Golfers need specific items of clothing because they can be out in all types of weather. This could be a polo neck for the sunny days, a fleece for the windier days, or waterproofs for the – more often than not – rainy days!

Get the golf lover in your life these golfing gifts that he/she will love now, while it is still new and exciting – and before they get too serious and have everything they need, meaning a costly electric golf trolley is all that is left for you to purchase!

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