The new year could be an exciting one for motorcycle riders, manufacturers and fans, as technology advances still further in 2016. The motoring industry rarely stands still, and over the coming months it’s likely that we’ll see examples of innovation, invention and development.

First up, there’s the recent news that Yamaha is poised to introduce two new electric bikes in 2016, as this article discusses. Yamaha unveiled the plans at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show in October – the PES2 and the PED2 are the two models – and they’ll provide the equivalent in performance as a typical Class II moped and motorcycle. But there’s more in the pipeline from Yamaha, judging from their news release which states, ‘We will also unveil and display an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot that combines motorcycle and robotics technologies.’ It could be a busy year for every Yamaha motorcycle dealer in London! Here you can find another great article on motorcycle storage sheds.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle world has been buzzing for several months now about the Honda RC213V-S, which was described by as the ‘street-legal MotoGP replica’. ‘The new RC213V-S is not merely the result of a feedback of technologies created by Honda through its competition in races into a commercially available model,’ states the manufacturer’s website. ‘But rather represents a wholly new endeavour to make it possible for a machine developed for competition in MotoGP races to run on public roads.’

The bike was produced on a limited edition basis, and Honda closed the submission period on September 30, 2015, though a waiting list was also opened. The lucky customers should be able to ride these exciting bikes in 2016. Cycle World Tech Editor Kevin Cameron viewed the RC213V-S in Barcelona and said, “Every available space is filled with fascinating electronics, connectors, junction boxes. Everything is eye candy that rewards prolonged staring.”

Elsewhere, going off road and onto the track, MCN have reported that the British firm, Saietta, have built a ‘ground-breaking, battery-powered’ electric superbike that ‘promises blistering performance.’

The Saietta NGS – the acronym stands for Next Generation Saietta – remains in prototype form and with months of development work still ahead, but it’s being tipped to go on sale towards the end of 2016. More news is sure to follow. Saietta CEO Laurence Marazzi told MCN: “This is what we have always done (make electric motorcycles). We want this bike to have great riding characteristics with smooth power, lots of torque, great midrange and amazing acceleration. There is no clutch and no gearbox – we want riders to be able to concentrate on riding and nothing else.”

Whatever other great technological strides will be made in 2016, they’re almost certain to involve the electric market. Tech Insider revealed in December 2015 that an Italian company, Energica, has developed a motorcycle which is capable of going a distance of 124 miles on just a single charge. Just like the Saietta NGS, it doesn’t have a gearbox or a clutch. A top speed of 124 miles per hour, when in Sports mode, is being promoted.

So, it seems that 2016 could be a truly exciting time – let’s see what the year brings!


Whether it’s your first, fifth or tenth job interview, it’s always going to be nerve-wracking and for good reason. Walking into an unknown situation to meet a stranger who is ready to grill you about why you’re the best candidate for the role isn’t an easy task. According to research in the Daily Mail, employers make decisions about job applicants in under seven minutes, so it appears that first impressions really do count. With this in mind, it’s absolutely essential that you prepare – preparation is the key to confidence. Here are five tips from the pros:

Research, research, research

This is an absolute must. The employer is going to ask you what you know about the company and why you want to work for them. The more research you can do the better and it will show them that you really want the job. Look at who their customers are, how big the organisation is and who the main competitors are. Go onto their website, view the products/services and see if they have had any good news recently in the press, i.e. awards.

Ask your own questions

If you’ve done your research, you’re likely to have your own list of questions to ask the interviewers. No matter what job you’re taking, whether it’s for Call Centre Jobs or for a Senior Manager, you need to ensure this job is right for you. Ask about management style, responsibilities, projects and work culture. Try to leave terms and conditions of employment and salary until you’ve been offered the job as it could look as though you’re interested in the money and yourself, not the work.

Prepare for those competency based questions

There’s a list of questions that will always come up, no matter what. Why do you want the job? What can you bring to the role? What are your strengths/weaknesses? And of course, there is the dreaded competency based ‘name a time’ questions where it is essential that you prepare. Think about the questions that have the most relevancy to the nature of the business and position advertised.

Think about the dress code

Don’t wait until the morning of your interview to decide what to wear. Prepare your outfit in advance; wash your favourite blazer, make sure your shirt is ironed and if you need to, buy a new tie, it is important that you look smart. According to HR Review, research has found that men make more of an effort with their appearance than women. 42 per cent of men call ahead of the interview to check the dress code compared to 29 per cent of women. They are also willing to spend more money on their outfit, with 61 per cent prepared to invest over £100 compared to just 10 per cent of women.

Practice your interview

If you have enough time the week before your interview, it is worth practicing your answers and doing a mock interview with a friend or someone you really trust to be honest. You could alternatively record yourself, playing it back to see how your answers sound.

paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates return to action after the festive break on Sunday (10 January) with a home league match against Kilmarnock Storm (face off 6.00pm).

“It will be good to get back into action after a couple of weeks off,” said coach Ian Turley. “Our last match was the 2-1 win against Dundee Comets just before Christmas, and while it was fine to get the feet up for a wee while and enjoy the festivities, it’s always nice to get back on the ice. We’ve got a busy spell of matches coming up, every one of them important, starting with the match against the Storm.”

“They’ve struggled a bit this season and lost a whole lot of players early on, but sometimes adversity brings a team closer together so we’ll not be preparing for this match any differently from any other fixture. Their coach, Myles Watson, is well known to Pirates’ fans as he skippered the last Paisley side to win the Scottish Cup in 2005, and he’s brought along a whole bunch of youngsters who are getting regular ice time, which will speed up their development no end. They’re going to break their duck against someone this season, so we’ll just have to be very sure that it’s not against us!”

“We’ve got difficult looking matches too for the rest of the month, as we have an away trip to face a vastly improved North Ayr side the following week before hosting Edinburgh Capitals, then at the end of the month we go to Elgin to face Moray Typhoons, a rink where we’ve sometimes struggled, so no match is a gimme, and in the time honoured tradition, using a well known cliché, we’ll be taking one game at a time. It’s a well used phrase, but it’s no less best practice as the only way to approach matches, so we’ll be looking to take care of business against the boys from Killie before we look ahead to the next match.”

paisley pirates


Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, has encouraged local constituents to take part in a Scottish Government consultation that is looking at introducing a specific offence to tackle domestic abuse.

Scotland will be one of the few countries in the world to introduce dedicated legislation that would not only capture types of conduct that are already criminal but also other forms of psychological abuse and control which cannot usually be prosecuted under the existing criminal law.


The ‘A criminal offence of domestic abuse Scottish Government Consultation Paper’ was launched yesterday (22/12) and will be accepting responses up until Friday 1st of April.

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“The Scottish Government has set out their clear commitment to tackling domestic abuse. Earlier this year the Scottish Government provided £20m to help tackle domestic violence against women and girls and this consultation, and potential legislative change, serves as another way that we can try to rid domestic violence from our society.

“There already exists a number of laws that are designed to protect against acts that are clearly defined as criminal and violent. However, it is crucial that we strengthen the existing legislation to take into account other more subtle, but equally damaging, forms of abuse.”

“Ensuring that we have the correct, fit-for-purpose and robust legislation is vitally important, and it’s essential that this is combined with front-facing action that raises awareness of domestic violence.

“This consultation serves as an ideal opportunity to take further action on the scourge of domestic violence. I’d encourage as many people as possible to submit a consultation response and help play their part in tackling domestic violence.”

SANTA swapped his sleigh for a private hire taxi when he visited youngsters in Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital.
He brought smiles to the faces of the kids in Children’s Ward 15 as he did a wee favour for the drivers and management of Renfrewshire Cab Co by handing out bundles of presents.




Kind-hearted drivers and staff at the private hire company had raised hundreds of pounds to buy the gifts for the youngsters and management also made a substantial donation to the cause.
Driver Andy Campbell took on the role of Father Christmas as he rolled up at the hospital with cars bursting with gifts.
Hannah McCulloch, Renfrewshire Cab Co’s marketing and customer services manager said:
“As well as raising money for this very good cause, we also had a bit of fun, as the office staff paid into the fund to be able to wear the most outrageous Christmas jumpers for a week.
“Our drivers and staff were very generous with their donations.
“We wanted to do something to cheer up the youngsters who are in hospital in the run up to Christmas and make sure they didn’t miss out on seeing Santa.”
Ward Sister, Fiona Young said: “We really must give a big ‘thank you’ to Renfrewshire Cab Co for coming along with a huge bundle of presents and bringing Santa with them!
“Something like this really cheers up the children when they aren’t feeling well and it’s also good for the parents when they see a smile on their child’s face.”


The easiest areas to sell a house in the UK have been revealed by new research by online estate agent, House Network, with Paisley coming in at the number two place in Scotland.

The average house in Paisley requires just eight viewings before it is sold, which is way below the UK average of 15, making the town the joint third easiest place to sell a home in the entire country.



Glasgow was the highest Scottish city in the rankings and second overall in the UK, while just south of the border Carlisle can lay claim to the number one ranking as the easiest place to sell a property in the country.

Houses in the South of England, and London especially, were found to be the hardest to sell. London alone accounts for six of the 10 slowest-selling postcodes and is responsible for all three areas found to be the hardest to sell a property in.

House Network, the UK’s largest online estate agent, compiled the report into average viewing numbers across the country using data from over 8,500 house sales. The full results can be viewed here.

Dumfries boasts the dubious title of the hardest place to sell a home in Scotland. Houses here require more than double the viewings of Paisley at 19 and the town is actually the fourth slowest-selling region in the entire UK.


Commenting on the report Mark Readings, House Network CEO, said: “What’s clear from our research is just how relatively simple it is to sell your house, especially in Paisley where vendors have life easy compared to those in Dumfries.


“When you place this into the context that selling a house is almost certainly the biggest sale we make in our lives, seven viewings is no time at all.


“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that sellers in areas with typically lower house prices like Scotland are selling in less viewings than more expensive areas.”

Jen McKay

We have been reading of the wonderful gesture of Deli Malatso owner Jen McKay who is giving up her Christmas Day to help those less fortunate than others. Jen has decided to invite those who either can’t afford to pay for Christmas dinner or are alone on the day, what a wonderful sentiment from a Paisley business.

Jen McKay


Jen is a true community champion, it shows that what is really a simple gesture of goodwill can and probably will help change the lives of so many people. On the day where lots of families come together and fight over what they want to watch on TV or eat far too much and take family life for granted, others such as pensioners, homeless and those people who really can’t get out much and struggle socially will no doubt be sitting alone and at best would have a microwave meal. Jen will change that and we think she is amazing.
Deli Malatso is situated on 50 High Street, right across from Leisureland: Jen has posted on her Facebook page..

I have had so many messages from such kind people offering to come and help for a few hours during the day that I can’t reply to all of them, I have tried honest so to everyone that has messaged firstly thank you so much and secondly if you fancy popping down then please do so. Its going to be a very informal fun day and if it’s not busy when you arrive we can have a mince pie, pull a cracker and have a chat, I might even pull out the trivial pursuit, I really do hope that it is busy with people who just need company and a nice meal but I’m worried about the lack of transport on the day but we can only wait and see what happens. Thank you again for all your donations which have made the day possible, whatever is left over will be donated out so nothing will go to waste

Malatso is open till Christmas Eve from 9am till 5pm and will open from 12.30pm on Christmas Day. If you’d like to go along, either pop in to Malatso before Christmas Day and give a member of staff your details so that Jen has an idea of numbers or go along on the day from 12.30pm where you’ll be made welcome.


So from everyone at we would like to say well done Jen, we wish there were more people like you, it goes to show that the community of Paisley can, and will, come together to help others especially at times of need.

(photograph courtesy of Daily Record)

paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates go into the festive break still with a chance of lifting silverware in the second half of the season, having reached the semifinal of the Scottish Cup, and lying fifth in the Scottish National League, but with games in hand over the sides above them.paisley pirates

It’s been a strange first half of the season in a number of respects,” said coach Ian Turley. “We’ve got a 100% home record in the league matches we’ve played but, with the exception of the 10-1 win against Moray, all of the them have been very tight affairs, with no more than a couple of goals in it, but the important thing is that we’ve come out on top in all of them. Last Sunday’s game against the Dundee Comets was a typical example, I don’t think we played at our best, but the guts and determination of our players got us through, and that’s been a feature of our play. It can be pretty nail biting as a coach, but great if you’re a spectator, because our fans have certainly had great value for their money!”

Away from home, it’s been a different story for some reason,” he went on. “Normally we have a good record at other rinks, but so far this year we’ve only picked up one point on the road from three games, and that aspect of our season has to improve if we’re going to have any chance of winning anything-you just can’t expect to be in there challenging if you can’t win away from your own rink, so I’ll be looking for an improvement in our away form. We might be lying fifth at the moment, but we’ve only dropped five points, and only Edinburgh, who have dropped four, have a better record in that context.”

Conversely, in the Scottish Cup, we’ve got a great away record, it’s had to be good because we haven’t had a home draw,” he said with a wry smile. “We won at North Ayr, then went to Kirkcaldy and beat the holders, and in the semifinal we play the winners of the Kilmarnock/Aberdeen quarter final, again in a one legged away tie, so if we are to make the final we’ll have to do it without the benefit of a single tie at Braehead.”

As it is, though, we’ve got plenty to be playing for over the next couple of months, which is as much as any coach could ask for, so we’ll enjoy the break, the boys have earned it, before we get back to the serious business of trying to win ice hockey games!”

Flo Ferguson

This year Christmas Day at St Vincent’s Hospice in Howwood will be provided courtesy of the Angels.

The Hospice’s glass ‘1Minute Angel’ Christmas tree ornaments have proved so popular with patients, families and staff that sales have now reached the magical £5000 figure – that is, enough to fund a full day of care from the Hospice on 25th December.

Flo Ferguson

Over the past few months Hospice staff and volunteers have been busy stitching ribbons onto the glass angels and they are delighted at how profitable their work has been.

The 1 Minute Angels were the brainwave of Flo Ferguson, front of house in The Barn Tea Room at the Hospice.  Flo said, “It costs £3.00 every minute to fund the Hospice, so we thought we would try to sell enough 1 Minute Angels to pay for care on Christmas Day.  I feel very proud that we actually managed to raise £5097.”

St Vincent’s Director of Care, Brona McGee said, “We are so grateful to Flo and to everyone who helped us by sewing the ribbons onto the Angels.  Each 1 Minute Angel is a beautiful memento that people can treasure – and each Angel sold has helped someone in the local community to receive vital care from our Hospice.”

The 1 Minute Angels have completely sold out now, but you can still provide 1 Minute of local hospice care at St Vincent’s by texting SVHH14 £3 to 70070 or by visiting and making a donation of £3.00.

gavin newlands

Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, met with local volunteer Jodie Campbell to personally congratulate and thank her for organising a lunch for people who otherwise would have spent Christmas day on their loan.

Jodie Campbell has organised a free Christmas lunch for 196 people who would have otherwise spent the day on their own.

Jodie has raised funds – including receiving a donation from Gavin – to allow her to organise a Christmas lunch, plus entertainment and transport for those attending.


Gavin Newlands, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“The work that Jodie has done to help those in need, or those who would have otherwise spent Christmas on their own, epitomises the true meaning of Christmas.

“We’re all guilty for getting caught up in the commercialism of Christmas but at the very centre of it, what we all love most about Christmas is the fact that we get to spend some quality time with our friends and family.

“However, for a variety of reasons people are not able to enjoy Christmas as much as they would like, and Jodie deserves all the credit in the world for doing something so positively to help people have a special time on Christmas day.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Jodie has done and I pay tribute to her and the other volunteers for organising this event.”

Jodie Campbell, Organiser of the Christmas Lunch Event said:

“I was grateful to meet Gavin and speak more about the Christmas Lunch event that has been organised.

“Christmas day should be a special time for everyone and I hope that the event that we’ve organised goes someway in helping to combat isolation and loneliness at Christmas time.”

kirklandneuk santa visit

YOUNGSTERS from a Renfrew primary school got really mall excited when they visited Santa’s Grotto at the intu Braehead shopping centre.
The kids from Kirklandneuk Primary 1 class got to meet the big man with a white beard and who wears a red suit.

They were invited along to come and play this Christmas and meet Santa by the kind-hearted team running the mall and as well as being able to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, the youngsters were also given an early present.

kirklandneuk santa visit

The grotto is open from 11am every day until Christmas Eve, when it opens even earlier at 9am and is in the upper mall between Sports Direct and Schuh Kids.
Marketing manager for intu Braehead, Christine Macdonald said: “The magic of Christmas is all about the excitement and look of joy on the faces of kids when they meet Santa.

“We’re very keen to keep the traditions of Christmas and there’s nothing more traditional than having a Santa’s Grotto which has never been more popular this year.”
Log on to for more information and to book a visit to Santa’s Grotto.

renfrewshire council logo .JPG

Renfrewshire Council’s proposals for a new project to increase cycling in Renfrewshire have been shortlisted by sustainable transport charity Sustrans for their “Community Links PLUS” competition.

renfrewshire council logo .JPG

The proposal is for a new, segregated cycle route which will link Bishopton, Inchinnan, Erskine, Paisley and Glasgow Airport. The new route will aim to improve linkages between Renfrewshire’s towns and villages and create more opportunities for commuter and leisure cycling.

The project is one of only ten across Scotland which will go through to the next stage of the competition. It will receive £10,000 funding to enable a feasibility study to be carried out.

Community Links PLUS is open to proposals for walking and cycling projects and aims to identify and support exemplar schemes that have the potential to change the face of active travel in Scotland.

Proposals from across the country were narrowed down to a shortlist of projects which seek to rebalance traffic on Scotland’s streets through measures such as reallocation of road space and the creation of segregated and protected cycle lanes.

Councillor Eddie Devine, convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environment Policy Board, said: “We are delighted that our proposal has been shortlisted for the Community Links PLUS competition.

“The shortlisted plan recognises that cycling can play an important role in connecting up communities across Renfrewshire and providing sustainable transport routes to economically important destinations such as Glasgow Airport.

“The proposal is part of a wider strategy, due to be published in 2016, which will aim to increase cycling across Renfrewshire, bringing benefits for leisure, health and offering an environmentally sustainable alternative to car travel.”