Why VPS is a must for your business


In spite of the commercial opportunities that the Internet can afford, today’s extensive online world also throws up several challenges too. Any organisation’s website must be available round-the-clock to global audiences but also provide adequate protection against a growing number of cyber threats.

As a result, more and more businesses are choosing to invest in a Virtual Private Server (VPS), such as 100TB Cloud Servers. This online solution is ideal for businesses that have exceeded the need for shared hosting but require more resources for further growth.

But how does this option provide better performance and increased security? And what other benefits does a VPS provide?

Better performance

Some people think that because a VPS is virtual, whereby no real servers are being utilised, it will be slower and less efficient than a server disk drive. However, this couldn’t be further than the truth.

As a VPS focuses on using the best available resources for your business, you can enjoy better performance and faster speeds.

Increased security

In light of recent high-profile security breaches, most businesses are reviewing the measures they have in place to protect consumer data stored on their websites. However, a lot can be said for starting with a virtual private server.

Hosted in a secure data centre, this solution not only safeguards your data against attacks from hackers, but also provides protection from natural disasters too.

Lower costs

As opposed to installing and buying expensive equipment such as rack space, everything you could possibly want is already hosted within a virtual private server’s data centre.

But in addition to eliminating data refresh and power costs, a VPS also enables you to choose a solution that suits your organisation’s unique wants and needs. The scalable nature of memory, disk space, and monthly bandwidth delivers the ultimate in flexibility.

Ongoing support

Should you happen to encounter any problems with your VPS, most vendors will be able to help out thanks to a team of experienced and adept support staff available 24/7.

On top of that, you won’t need to worry about fixing any impromptu issues or prolonged problems. VPS providers will strive to resolve difficulties quickly and can often provide uptime guarantees.

Improved efficiency

Along with the fact you don’t need to worry about maintenance tasks or server upgrades, VPS solutions often come with features that can boost overall efficiency too.

For example, automated server deployment and network configuration will reduce the responsibilities of certain members of staff, while real-time reporting and monitoring can give you an in-depth insight into performance.

Easy to implement

It might seem like adopting a VPS solution will be difficult and demanding, but you’d be surprised at just how simple and straightforward it can be.

Very little time or effort is required from you, as your chosen provider can take care of everything. This allows you to concentrate on other areas of the business, leaving the complexities of virtual private servers to the experts.

For these reasons, a virtual private server should be considered a must for your business.