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Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Career In Sales & Marketing


The fast paced world of sales and marketing is one that tempts many of us.
With bonuses, commission and the ability to really hone your communication skills it’s the perfect job for the ambitious type who wants to test their abilities.


If you’ve been considering a job in sales, browsing www.jobstoday.co.uk and perfecting your pitching, here’s the complete guide to everything you need to know about starting a career in the industry.

  1. You will be entering a competitive environment

Sales teams, and the people who work in them, are a competitive bunch so you will need to up your game if you want to take part. Be prepared to grow a thick skin – you’ll be turned down or spoken rudely to on several occasions. Many people take negative responses personally. In order to hone that competitive streak you need to focus on simply perfecting your sales pitch and not taking any rejection to heart.

  1. Marketing is an ever-growing industry

Marketing, especially on the digital side of things, is big business now as brands recognise the importance of their online presence. Creative, media, marketing and digital sectors are actually growing at three times the rate of the wider economy, according to The Drum. Working in sales marketing will more than likely involve signing up new clients to your company, which you then work with regularly to encourage their growth in search rankings and improve their site and social media.

  1. You can be creative

Sales marketing allows you to get inventive with client pitches. After you’ve taken a look at their demographic and aims you can put together strategies that speak to them and secure you that sale and contract.

Sales marketing is very different to traditional advertising sales, you are building up a relationship with a client and ensuring the work completed for them is done to a high standard. Don’t expect to be hitting high numbers each month; marketing sales are big money that require lots of thought and careful consideration before contracts are signed.

  1. Upselling is important

There is plenty of room for upselling, with content audits on the brand’s site, paid ad campaigns, social media running and on and off page content creation. A good sales person will be able to look at how a client is doing and upsell to ensure their growth continues.

  1. Your job will never be boring

Most marketing agencies work with a huge range of diverse clients from various industries, so you will be selling services to cater to a range of different people and finding out new things about where they work every day. A sales job in marketing also guarantees that you get to leave the office more than other members of staff, as you travel to client’s offices to pitch ideas or work on their strategies.

  1. It’s worth gaining some knowledge

Before starting a career in sales and marketing it’s a good idea to look into the industry, learn some key terms and how basic elements work such as search engine optimisation and the importance of on page content. Read up on how Google works with businesses and take a look at some of the top brands’ social media and online campaigns for inspiration. Going into such a job full of knowledge and ideas will never hurt. Keep up to date with leading industry brands such as Moz to stay ahead of your competitors.