CO2 Design was established in Paisley 13 years ago by husband and wife David and Colette Atkinson producing all things promotional from brands and business cards to websites. Now a team of 7 with offices at 33 Glasgow Road, Paisley business has never been better, employing local talent and servicing businesses across the Renfrewshire area, Glasgow. This digital era enables us to work with clients from Glasgow to Dublin and across the world. David Atkinson qualified as a Graphic Designer in 1985, worked in several agencies in London before settling in at Sebastian Conran PID; initially running the design department with four designers and then gaining promotion to Associate Director. In 1993 he moved to Glasgow working in a few agencies before starting CO2 Design in 2003.

David has always embraced technology as avenues for new income streams. He started before Apple Mac’s were mainstream, using magic markers and drawing boards. So, when the Internet and emails surpassed fax machines David embraced this new mode of communication, enhancing his knowledge and CO2 Design. There’s one constant in this ever changing world – creativity and ideas. CO2 breathe life into creative ideas. Proud to be based in Paisley, it was a milestone for CO2 to design and oversee the new Accord Hospice brand.

The Accord Hospice has been caring in the community for over 30 years and is a respected organisation that has helped many families through difficult times. Discussions, ideas and concepts for the re-brand started as far back as 2012; there were so many considerations. Like all companies the Accord needed to change with the times, the old brand had changed little since day one, but so much has changed in 30 years with the advent of computing, the internet, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks – I could go on.   Research – first things first, we research the old brand/logo and look into the charity market in the 21st century. The Accord Hospice should be mentioned in the same breath as leading Scottish and UK charities.


A team consisting of board members, employees and CO2 discussed the possibility of a new brand –it was far from a certainty that the project would ever get off the ground. We started by creating sketches, nothing is discarded at this stage and everyone’s ideas are considered. After months of discussions and exploration of creative ideas the new brand starts to take shape, we present every stage of this process to the Client, in this case Accord Hospice. At every stage budgets are also discussed with the idea of a ‘soft launch’ –meaning the new brand would replace the old brand naturally, so when shops needed refurbished the new brand would be used, when new vans were ordered the new brand would be applied. Almost 4 years later the brand is launched, here we are today:

So what do CO2 do?
We meet, talk, advise and swap creative ideas helping you produce better, professional, more cost-effective marketing and promotional material than your competitors. We make it easy and fun, so if you want to sit down with David for a coffee and a chat, have a look at our website and give
us a call on 0141 404 1199.