Anyone who has started a business will have put a lot of time, effort and money into the venture. It’s also important to take the security of your start up into account and make sure you’re safe from cyber attack or common or garden burglars.

  1. Protect your premises

Your business premises are always important. Security grilles or roller shutters from Security Direct are an excellent way of protecting the property. These installations are advocated by both the police and insurance companies and are difficult for the casual thief to penetrate.

  1. Visible security

CCTV cameras both outside and inside your business premises will act as a deterrent to burglars as well as acting as a tool to detect criminals should they gain access to your property.

  1. Cyber security

It’s all very well protecting your property but with so much crime carried out via the internet, it’s also important to ensure that you are cyber safe. Hacking or theft of data doesn’t just affect large companies. An article in The Guardian highlights how in 2014 ‘60% of small businesses suffered a breach.’ This meant that the hacked businesses suffered disruption to their services for up to 10 days. The government has a free guide to cyber security and it’s well worth reading.

  1. Check your business apps

Many people use their smartphones as an additional business tool. Always install security on your phone in order to counteract any viruses that you may have installed via an app. Malware can ruin your phone’s functionality, and damage your business.

  1. Vet your employees

No matter how wonderful a job applicant may appear at interview, always check up on their references. The employment website Monster has some useful tips about referees and CVs. You want to keep criminals out of your start up and not invite them in.

  1. Risk assessment

Learn to think like a criminal and carry out a risk assessment. Check your windows and locks. Even if your start up is based in your garage you still need to ensure that the property is secure.

  1. Only reveal your security codes to a few employees

Computers with sensitive information, doors and storerooms are all dependent on keypad codes for access. Make sure that you only circulate these codes to a few people and change these digits regularly.

  1. Ask the police

Your local police crime prevention team are an excellent source of information.
If you want any advice about your start up’s security make sure that you contact this valuable resource.

  1. Protect your goods

Tag and mark your property with indelible ink. At least in this way you’ll be able to identify your property in the event of theft and the marker pens only cost a couple of pounds.

  1. Shred paper

Identity theft and sensitive company information can all be protected if you invest in a paper shredder. A clever person can always gain access to information about your company by simply going through your bins in search of unshredded company documents.


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