Pupils sang, played games and ate cakes to promote fair trade and encourage others to support the movement.

St James Primary in Renfrew played host to parents and members of the local community to demonstrate their school’s commitment to fair trade.

Primary four were in fine voice as they demonstrated their singing abilities with a Fair Trade song to begin the afternoon’s activities.

The children played games and learned different facts about how fair trade affects the products we see on our shelves.

Fairtrade tea, coffee and baking was available for those in attendance as the school displayed their dedication to educating the children on how they can be involved in fair trade and how fair trade affects those in need.

Fair trade allows producers to be paid a minimum price for their products as well as receiving a premium which goes towards improving facilities in their local community.

Councillor Jim Sharkey, Chair of the Renfrewshire Fairtrade Steering Group, said: “It is great to see schools being active regarding fair trade. It is essential that we educate the next generation of fair trade supporters so that we can work towards a fairer society in the future.
“The school put on a tremendous event and it is great to see the children so enthused about such an important issue.”

Margaret Convery, St James Primary head teacher, added: “Our school is committed to supporting fair trade and we will ensure that our children are aware of the topic as much as possible.
“We host numerous events like this across the school year to engage the children with fair trade and teach them why it is an issue that is so important.”