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Young people make their voice heard at community board meeting

Gleniffer High 01

Senior pupils at Gleniffer High have spoken out on issues affecting young people in Renfrewshire at a special community planning meeting dedicated to children and young people.

Speaking on the barriers facing young people, such as employment; health and wellbeing; community facilities and transport; and having a say on local issues, the twenty-three sixth-year pupils – a mix of boys and girls from diverse backgrounds – presented their thoughts and suggestions to the board.

Gleniffer High 01

Topping the list was the pressure to succeed and keeping good mental health, with a call for positive role models and young voices to be heard also a key concern.

Poverty, employment opportunities and transport were also big issues with young people asking for information and advice on programmes and initiatives to be easily accessible to young people.

Councillor Jacqueline Henry, Chair of the Children and Young People Thematic Board, praised the pupils for their hard work and taking the time to present the issues to the board and said: “Young people have the future very much in mind and listening to their views on issues that will affect them, such as employment and transport, is vitally important. I was delighted to have Gleniffer High senior pupils present their views and suggestions and we are now looking into what we can do about the issues raised.

Gleniffer High 01

“Feedback is a big deal for young people, so we will be getting back in touch with the pupils once we have explored their suggestions and spoken with our partners on key issues.

“I know the pupils got a lot out of the day and I hope to involve more young people in the work of the thematic board in future.”

Headteacher David Nicholls said: “The senior pupils who worked with the thematic board are great examples of what can be achieved in all schools. The demands and expectations on their young lives are substantial but despite these everyday pressures they are fully committed to their school and community. In many ways, they inspire young pupils who will follow them through school so it is really important we listen and work with senior pupils on youth issues.”

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