The living wage foundation UK has accredited Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union for recently becoming a living wage employer.  The Foundation recognises employers that pay a living wage and offers a ‘service provider recognition scheme’, the foundation believes that ‘work should pay’.


The living wage is £7.85 an hour and the employers choose to pay this on a voluntary basis. The introduction of the living wage will have an impact on 5 of the 10 staff members at Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union and will help improve their lives and their families. Pauline Tevarthen, cashier for us at RWCU, added “Receiving a living wage enables me to have a better standard of living. Knowing that the credit union has committed to living wage policy has made me feel more valued as an employee.”


Renfrewshire Council leader Mark Macmillan has praised Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union adding, “My congratulations go to Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union for gaining living wage accreditation. As well as being a key partner of the council in our fight against poverty by offering ethical alternatives to payday lenders, the credit union now makes a firm stand against in-work poverty.”




Manager of RWCU Karen Graham said: “We are proud that we are now an accredited living wage employer and that everyone who works at RWCU earns, not only a minimum wage, but a living wage. There are more people today in working families living below the poverty line than those in workless families or retired. This is a shocking statistic and we all have a part to play in ensuring we support working communities as a whole. We are proud to do our part in eradicating poverty, be it through offering ethical affordable credit to our members, or fair pay to our staff.”

There are a number of employers being recognised on the living wage UK website which is great news and at RWCU we are proud to be one of the employers on the website giving our staff fair pay.

For more information visit and you can also visit living wage UK to find out more about the work they do.