Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall soared through the skies as she jumped out of a plane for her first-ever charity skydive.

The daring Provost has taken up a mission to raise thousands of pounds for four charities based in Renfrewshire – Accord and St Vincent’s hospices, Recovery Across Mental Health and Renfrewshire Carers Centre.

Renfrewshire provost anne hall on her tandem parachute jump with Chris Dickie of St Andrews Skydive See copy Jennifer Connolly..28 Aug 15

Provost Hall was joined by a team of charity-focused daredevils, who snapped up the chance to experience 30 seconds of free-fall at 120 mph from a drop of 10,000 ft.

Provost Hall said: “Many people have said a skydive is not something you expect every Provost to do, but when you listen to the inspirational stories of the many people my four chosen charities have helped, you realise you need to do something big, and this is big.

“The skydive was thrilling and I was lucky enough to experience it with a dedicated team of daredevils just as keen on charity as I am.

“My goal is to raise thousands of pounds for four charities based in Renfrewshire. They do fantastic work in the community and it is vital we give them something back for the hard work and dedication they give to others.”

Previously, Provost Hall has taken part in a charity wing-walk to raise money for Help for Heroes and a charity abseil from the roof of Renfrewshire Council HQ, Cotton Street in Paisley. Both events raised almost £13,000.

In total, the Provost’s charity fundraising scheme has raised over £18,000.

Skydive participants are hoping to raise a minimum of £500 each. All money raised will be shared equally among the four charities – Recovery Across Mental Health, Renfrewshire Carers Centre and two hospices – Accord and St Vincent’s.

The skydive was organised by Skydive St Andrews.

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