paisley first

Paisley First has signed up to the public art animal trail for a “Summer of Fun” in 2016 with the company behind the successes of these events, “Wild in Art”. Combining the affection that Renfrewshire residents have had with “Buddie the Lion” and the civic pride that Paisley First is attempting to instil through our work, the project will be called “Pride of Paisley”.

We are planning to have a trail of 30 lion sculptures which will be colourfully painted by local artists across the town centre streets that will capture the imagination of the visiting public and create footfall over a period of 10 weeks. Evidence from other cities suggests that the public will want to visit every lion and therefore all parts of the town centre will benefit from the public becoming familiar with the extremities of the town centre.

Primary schools in Renfrewshire will also be given the opportunity to decorate their own mini lion sculpture and which will be placed within the premises of participating businesses which will add to the footfall through the doors of those businesses.


Our own “Buddie” is being painted by local group, “Right2Dance”, at a Sma’ Shot workshop over the weekend with a theme about Paisley’s rich history and will make his maiden appearance at Sma’ Shot Day next Saturday 4th July. Come and see him and post your selfies!


There will be some great opportunities for sponsoring each of the 30 lions in due course. If interested, please get in touch.

Also, if you haven’t requested to become a “Friend” of Paisley First the now would be a good time to do so and keep up to date.