Paisley to Cape Town – The Trip of a lifetime:

cpe town

You know it’s time for a holiday when you make a cup of tea and you swirl the spoon around in the mug for way too long while staring at your calendar and daydreaming.

cpe town


Is it a short stop to Durness or a really good trip to the likes of Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa?  Cape Town carries the reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and no matter where you are in and around the city, you have a view of Table Mountain, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

The thing about a trip to the Mother City, from the likes of Scotland, is that your money really goes a long way, and with so many delicious local culinary gems to savour and some of the world’s best wines to sip, could there be a better place?

With no shortage of hotels, it would easy to default to a room along a plush corridor at the foot  of Devil’s Peak, but why not opt for a house in the city or the suburbs to call your home base; like the one’s you’ll find on Housetrip.com.  From there, you can hit the highway to the beach, where you’ll have over 100 miles of sandy beach to choose from, or you can travel for less than an hour and sample some of the world’s finest wines and cheeses, and while you’re in the area, go and stroke a cheetah.

From Cape Town you’re only an hour away from game parks to see the Big 5, or to head over a mountain pass to great trout fishing, hiking and a dip in the clearest mountain lakes you’ve ever seen.

Got more than a week?  Well then you’ve got to head deep inland to enjoy some of the world’s most luxurious game camps and unforgettable game viewing.

Cape Town will change the way you look at holidays.  It delivers some of the finest things in life, brought to you by some of the friendliest and down to earth people you’ll meet.  Got that itch for an exciting breakaway?  Let Cape Town ease it for you, that’s what she does best.