Paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates have received a welcome close season boost with the news that they have a Royal Appointment coming up in the very near future.

Coach Ian Turley, mum Jackie, Pirates’ club secretary, and dad Ian Snr, team manager, have all received an invitation to attend the Queen’s Garden Party, which will be held at Holyrood on Wednesday 1 July in the capital.


“Yes,” said the coach, “it’s a huge honour to be asked to an event, and, needless to say, we’re quite chuffed about it, not for ourselves, but for the recognition the invitation gives to the Paisley Pirates for what it contributes to the local area. We’re forever saying that we’re a club run by the community, for the community, and in the community, and we believe this invitation reinforces that belief. We don’t do it for personal glory or anything like that, we do it for a love of the sport in general, and the Pirates in particular, so it’s lovely when a special invitation like this comes along, because it’s a reflection on everyone connected to the club, and a very positive one at that.”

“We haven’t heard of any other ice hockey club getting recognition of this kind, certainly not in this part of the world, so it’s a real boost for us to know that the club, and the work that goes into it by a whole lot of people, has been recognised at a higher level, and we’re already looking forward to the event, even if there’s just a wee touch of trepidation in there too!”

He joked,” We’re not quite ordering up the “By Royal Appointment” signs for the dressing room just yet, and I suppose there will be a fair bit of banter going on with the players and supporters alike, but they will also be so proud that THEIR club is continuing to receive this kind of attention for what it does, and it just makes you want to continue making the name and reputation of the Paisley Pirates one that is respected across the country and, we hope, continues to bring recognition of a positive kind to the local community which we are VERY proud to represent!”