Erskine residents are set to benefit from new high-tech street lighting which is being installed throughout the town.

More than 1,800 new state-of–the–art LED lamps are being fitted over a five-week period, covering most of the town’s residential areas.

Council chiefs believe the move will bring environmental, financial and public safety benefits.

LED lighting offers many advantages over the sodium lights used in conventional street lighting.

The new lights will reduce electricity consumption by 62%, and are expected to run for 20 years without maintenance, compared to four years for conventional sodium lights.

This means that the amount of maintenance required will be less, resulting in fewer out-of-order ‘dark’ lamps, lower maintenance costs and less inconvenience to residents.

Most of the new lamps are being fitted to existing lamp posts which makes the installation quick and straightforward.

Councillor Eddie Devine, convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environmental Policy Board, said:

“By modernising our street lighting with reliable, environmentally-friendly LED technology, we are protecting our environment at the same time as reducing our energy consumption, our energy bills, and the amount of money that we pay to the Government as Carbon Tax.

“The new lights also have important benefits for public safety. As well as being more pleasing to look at, the white light that they emit makes for better quality CCTV images which can help with deterring and investigating crime and antisocial behaviour”.

The council is looking at rolling out the scheme more widely across Renfrewshire.