#KissMay: St Vincent’s Hospice asks you to don your red lipstick for Hospice Care on 29 May


  • St Vincent’s Hospice to participate in National campaign encouraging social media users to share “red lipstick selfies” online
  • Send a kiss to someone you miss! Send a text message to donate £2
  • Hospice and palliative care Charity, Care2Save, created the playful campaign to raise awareness and vital funds for hospice around Britain


On May 29 2015, St Vincent’s Hospice in Howwood is asking people in Renfrewshire to share a “red lipstick selfie”, to help raise awareness and funds for hospice and palliative care services.


Britain’s 232 hospices need to collectively raise £1.8million every day to ensure that these crucial services can continue to tirelessly support patients and their loved ones. St Vincent’s Hospice alone needs to raise £5000 every day. Without the public’s support, local Hospice Care would not be possible.


Help to make a real difference to those reaching the end of their lives by:


  1. Donning red lipstick (you too, guys!)
  2. Sharing a picture online of you puckering up, tagging #KissMay.
    Why not dedicate your kiss to someone you miss?
  3. Sending a text message with the words KISS29 £2 to 70070 to donate £2.


Kate Lennon, CEO of St Vincent’s Hospice said:

“We’re incredibly proud to offer our very special care to patients who are coming to the end of their lives in Renfrewshire. Although we already have some fantastic supporters, we increasingly rely on finding new ways of raising funds to continue providing the care that we do.

We hope that all of our supporters get on board with this campaign and share a ‘red lipstick selfie’ for #KissMay.”


Andrea Fragata-Ladeira, CEO of The Care2Save Charitable Trust said:

“Hospice Care is something that may affect all of us at some point in our lives and hospices need to raise growing amounts of money in order to continue providing the essential care they do.

We hope the public join us in supporting #KissMay for hospice care. It’s time we declare our support for hospices around Britain to help secure their future.”

What you need to know about hospice care in the UK

  • 120,000 people with terminal and life-limiting conditions receive hospice care every year.
  • £1.8m needs to be raised to fund Britain’s charitable hospices everyday (£9,000 per hospice)
  • The number of people aged 85 and over is expected to double in the next 20 years
  • 50% of people say they are concerned there won’t be enough hospice care available in future.

About St Vincent’s Hospice
St Vincent’s Hospice is a charitable organisation (Scottish Charity No SC006888) at the heart of the community in Renfrewshire, offering specialised care and services to all those affected by life-limiting illness. Our services are available to all, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of our local communities.

  • It costs £5,000 per day to run our hospice and community services, over half of which comes from donations and fundraising.
  • Over half of the services we provide are in the community, enabling patients to live at home supported by St Vincent’s Hospice.
  • Following a stay in our in-patient unit many of our patients return home to be supported by our community based services
  • Our Day Hospice provides access to occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and complementary therapies. Additionally our Day Hospice provides opportunities to enhance emotional well-being through companionship and peer support
  • We also offer pre and post bereavement counselling services for families, children and young adults
  • We have 10 hospice shops locally, plus the Barn tearoom in the hospice grounds in Howwood
  • We are proud that for every pound donated, over 80p goes directly towards patient care
  • As a responsible organisation St Vincent’s Hospice promises never to sell or share your data

If you think St Vincent’s Hospice could help someone you know, talk to your GP or District Nurse.


About The Care2Save Charitable Trust

Care2Save is run by independent charity The Care2Save Charitable Trust (registered charity 1151546).  The idea for Care2Save was born out of the hospice movement and was the brainchild of the fundraising team at St Luke’s Hospice, Winsford, Cheshire who wanted to create a shopping portal that would benefit all the 233 hospices in the UK.


For Adults in the UK there are:


  • 223 hospice and palliative care inpatient units
  • 3,200 hospice and palliative care beds
  • 291 home care services
  • 129 Hospice at Home services
  • 275 day care centres
  • 346 hospital support services1.


For children: in the UK there are:

  • 43 hospice inpatient units
  • 338 hospice beds


The Care2Save Charitable Trust will use the 20% commission received from purchases to support hospice and palliative care in the UK and globally.


For further information

Please contact the Care2Save press office on: Telephone: 020 7221 7883 or email

To contact St Vincent’s Hospice:  Telephone 01505 705635 or email