Signature Strength offers simple, successful solutions to help you flourish in your life, work and business. Maximise your potential and access support to reach your goals with our work life coaching and training.

Colette Reilly, the founder, is passionate about helping people, like you, learn how to live from your strengths so you feel satisfied, work effectively and are getting the most from each day.


We want people to #beworklifehappy as that offers the greatest potential to realise our potential and become well-beings. The strengths approach is based in the appreciation that leveraging success is an easier route to more success than working on weaknesses.

And every living thing has something that is working successfully, so we ALL have something to leverage.  Regardless of how dysfunctional or dissatisfying something may seem, when you identify the positive core of that living thing you are in a position of power to work with it and make changes for the better.

Signature Strength support people through periods of transition whether in work, life or from education and provide a range of services that will boost your confidence, improve your results and help you #beworklifehappy.

Signature Strength

Simple Successful Solutions for your life, work and busines

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