Paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates’ supporters are furious after it was announced that there would be no 3rd/4th place playoff at this weekend’s SNL Playoff finals, weeks after they had booked accommodation for what was described as the showpiece event of the season for SNL fans.


“It comes as a huge disappointment to learn that without discussion the traditional format has been ditched by the people in charge, without so much as a by your leave to the many fans who support this event,” said long time fan Bil Elliot. “Many followers, particularly Pirates’ fans who had the furthest to travel (approximately 180 miles round trip), decided to book into accommodation to remove the need to travel through to Kirkcaldy on the Saturday, watch the game, and then have to travel home on the Saturday night to return on Sunday morning (if Pirates were involved in the 3rd/4th place game), or for the final on Sunday night.”


“The other teams taking part (Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh and Dundee) are all within easy reach of the rink but a double journey like that was hardly the best preparation for what’s supposed to be the showpiece of the year for the SNL teams, and is hardly that, with the prospect of a blank morning and afternoon in Kirkcaldy, which with all possible respect is maybe not quite buzzing at that time.”


“A lot of Pirates’ fans, and indeed players and club officials, have shelled out a lot of money for accommodation for what was supposed to be a weekend of hockey, rather than an afternoon and two nights. You sometimes have to wonder if the people in charge of the sport at this level actually realise that there are supporters going to these events and who are due some consideration in recognition of that fact, never mind the teams who are actually preparing for one of the biggest events in the SNL calendar.”