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Outside of Scotland – Three Must See Amsterdam Attractions


Outside of Scotland – Three Must See Amsterdam Attractions

Europe is a glorious place, with large numbers of people from across the world flocking to the many countries in order to enjoy the most out of their European vacation. In Scotland there are many fantastic attractions, but what about the rest of Europe? If you are interested in exploring the treasures of Europe, a great place to start is definitely Amsterdam. Although most people from outside think of Amsterdam as a place to go for sex and some really good coffee, this place has so much more to offer than just that.

Before one can begin to explore the streets of Amsterdam, the first step to your vacation is finding the perfect accommodation. There are a large list of fancy hotels spread across the city, although if you are truly looking to achieve the Dutch experience, why not spend your nights in one of the many cottages or apartments in Amsterdam that offer a much cosier, traditional stay.

With a soft place to rest your head each night, here are three places that should definitely make it onto your Amsterdam bucket-list.

Amsterdam Canal Ring   

Often referred to as Venice of the North, this canal ringed city old centre is a beautiful place to enjoy some fresh air, freedom and peace. With a number of old-fashioned buildings, this place takes the idea of romantic strolls to a whole new level. Walking the streets is fantastic, but it is clear that the most tranquil way to experience this beauty is by boat. Either hop on one of the many tourist cruises available, or enjoy real freedom, renting a boat for yourself.

The Sex Museum

This place tries its best to show you that there needn’t be anything taboo about the topic of sex. Learn more about human sexuality through the many interesting pieces of art, exhibits, paintings, books and sculptures. The Sex Museum also focuses some attention to the idea of sex through the ages, allowing you to approach the topic in a historical and scientific way, learning more about the different cultures and practices throughout time.

The Van Gogh Museum

Dedicated to legendary artist Vincent van Gogh, this museum is home to the largest collection of work by the artist. Besides the original works by the man himself, visitors will also have the chance to view pieces completed by some of his contemporaries, including Monet, Gauguin and Seurat.

Be warned though, thanks to the popularity of this museum, the sheer number of people visiting this place on a daily basis may leave you wanting to pull off one of your ears, while you wait to make it inside.