cleek movie

We are going to bring you updates and news of the locally made film ‘Cleek’. The film is being made in and around Paisley and will try to involve as much local talent as possible, the producers will also try to engage as many people as they can from the Paisley community they can making this a very interesting local production..

They have just started filming and are looking to see if you can help with the following…

Props and locations

We are looking for:

  • Cover-throws for sofas,
  • Wall clock with day of the week on it
  • Art work Long White Shower Curtain
  • Answering machine or phone with one Black
  • driving gloves
  • Shot&Whiskey glasses (Without logos)
  • Blank Canvas
  • Electric knife
  • Hose
  • Whisky flask
  • Red ties
  • School books
  • Back Packs
  • Reading glasses
  • Dinner set
  • Smoke pellets
  • footstool
  • Life sized skeleton.

We are also looking for little hanging tree air fresheners, lots of them and a flat with balcony, a wet room and a church hall or community centre.

If you can help with the items or locations then please get in touch with or call 07901964455.

cleek movie