Paisley pirates

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Paisley Pirates return to Scottish National Ice Hockey League action this Sunday at Braehead Arena (face off 6.00pm) after an absence of 5 weeks, when they will lock horns with local rivals Kilmarnock Storm.

“Yes, it seems like ages since we were on home ice, when we beat North Ayrshire Wild 9-2 just before Christmas, so it’s nice to be able to look forward to getting back onto it in front of our own supporters, and the fact that it’s going to be a local derby against the Storm just makes it a lot tastier. They would love to put one over on us, just as much as we want the two points which will keep us bang on track for a playoff place now that we’re into the business end of the season.”

“We’ve only three home league games left before the start of the playoffs, and a few very tricky road trips, so it’s absolutely imperative that we continue the good form we’ve been showing since the beginning of December and keep the momentum going. It’s not always the team which finished top of the SNL which wins the playoffs, as we found out to our cost 2 years ago when we won the league, but lost out in the final to Dundee Tigers, who had only finished 5th or 6th over the season, but who had gone on a great run towards the end of the season and kept that momentum going all the way through the final stages. That’s a model we’d dearly love to draw upon this year. We haven’t quite given up on finishing top of the pile yet, although it will take a few results to go in our favour for that to happen, so keeping good habits going is very important right now, as it establishes confidence, and that’s everything. For a team with as much firepower as we’re showing just now, with 31 goals in our last 4 games, that can make the difference between having a good season, and having a memorable one!”

“I never tire of reminding folk that for a maximum of £7, the price of adult admission with reduced tariffs for all other spectators, we reckon to offer the best value in entertainment in the area bar none, so we’re hoping folk come out in force to cheer us on this Sunday. It really does make a difference to have a big crowd behind you, and the attendance at the North Ayrshire game was easily our best of the season, so here’s hoping they’ll turn out to support their very own, and local, ice hockey team!”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]