[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is a Kuka?

The team at Kuka Studios have moved their office from Glasgow centre out to Lochwinnoch raising 3 questions: Who are you?  Why Lochwinnoch?  And what on Earth is a Kuka?!


Who are you?

We’re a web design and marketing agency – in plain English that means we do everything from carrying out brand and marketing consulting, through to developing websites, designing logos, printing fliers, managing companies’ social media and PR and…well, pretty much anything you can think of to do with marketing!

We’re just a bunch of marketing geeks – no sales guys, just Harry (the designer), Jill (the techie), and Caroline (the marketer) working together to help companies in Renfrewshire (and beyond!) with their websites and marketing.  Harry started the company in 2006, and in 2008 Jill came on board.  Caroline came along through the fantastic (I can’t stress enough how fantastic) Invest in Renfrewshire scheme just last year and, all going well, we’ll have another developer joining the team in 2015.

Lochwinnoch – not the first place you’d think of for a Creative Agency!

Maybe not, but we (Harry and Jill) live in Lochwinnoch and, to be honest, we were sick of sitting on trains to get to our office!  Caroline’s a local too and was happy to join us here.  If you saw our office, you’d understand.  We have a beautiful little shop front, with comfy sofas (and plenty of coffee and biscuits!) and we can eat our lunch looking out at Castle Semple Loch…who would choose an office block over this?!

It also puts us right in the middle of so many small businesses!  There are some amazing, creative and innovative companies in Renfrewshire and our clients love that when they need help, we’re just down the road.

So what do you do in Lochwinnoch?

I guess our main services are:

Print and Design: Harry is originally an illustrator so provides some awesome original design work.  We have our own printing facilities in Lochwinnoch and a partnership with a bigger print firm if you’re looking for something a little more unusual.

Websites:  Our range of specialties mean we can create full websites in house, with no outsourcing.  That means higher quality projects delivered more quickly and less expensively than most other agencies.

Copywriting: Jill is a qualified copywriter with more years’ experience than she likes to count.  She writes articles for all sorts of companies every day, making her very useful in a Pub Quiz.

Blogs and Social Media: Caroline is our SM expert.  She has achieved some amazing things for our clients in the last few months, generating new business for them rather than just getting them ‘likes’.

And we can’t help asking…what is a Kuka?

Kuka is the leaf of a cool looking African tree called the Baobab.  The story goes that during creation, all the animals were given a tree to plant. The hyena was given the Baobab which he planted upside down. That’s why it looks like the roots are in the air.  We figure the hyena sees the world a little differently, and so do we, so we named our company after it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]