[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Scottish sporting rivalry.” These words are enough to strike fear and excitement into the hearts of every Scottish sports fan, and can provide the perfect opportunity for a little gambling, particularly online betting. There is nothing quite like watching your favourite team come up against its foe, particularly if the result could prove profitable for you; your heart will never be further from your chest than when you’re anticipating the results of a big game.

Great Scottish rivalries


Perhaps the most famous Scottish sporting rivalry is that which exists between Rangers and Celtic football clubs. Having existed for many years, the rivalry is deeply embedded in Scottish culture, and can be attributed to much of the religious, social, and political division in the country. The Old Firm derby, in which the two teams meet, is widely regarded as one of the biggest events in world football; the betting stakes, as you can imagine, are high. Other famous derbies in Scotland include Ayr United versus Kilmarnock, Dundee versus Dundee United, and East Stirlingshire versus Falkirk; in fact, rivalries exist between a number of teams and, as always, their meetings provide the ideal chance for a little friendly betting.
As evidenced by the recent referendum, the rivalries between England and Scotland have existed for centuries, and are perhaps best demonstrated in the sporting world. The two sides have been meeting each other on the rugby field since 1871, with 132 games being played; 42 of those were won by Scotland, and 18 matches ended in a draw. Similarly, England and Scotland have met numerous times on the football pitch since 1872, earning the title of the oldest international fixture in the world. Scottish patriotism runs rife during these meetings, and they are fantastic opportunities for placing a bet, or two.


Making money from your favourite sports and their rivalries


Of course, there is more to these famous sporting rivalries than just hoping for your team’s big win; if you’re the gambling type, the result of every game could prove highly profitable for you. Betting on the outcome of sporting rivalries can be great fun, and adds another thrill to a match that is already filled with nail biting and sitting on the edge of your seat. There are numerous places where you can place a bet online, and the very best betting sites UK will offer hints and tips on placing your bets, as well as games and further opportunities for winning money.


Sporting rivalries are as embedded in Scottish culture and history as some of the most famous battles, with competition fierce and confrontations fiery – particularly between the fans. Watching your favourite teams play can be an exhilarating experience, particularly if you have placed a bet on the outcome beforehand. Your team’s every game is often as beneficial for you as for the players themselves, and betting has become even more popular with the rise of online gaming sites; betting has never been easier, more convenient, or tempting.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]