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5 Steps to a Successful Business

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5 Steps to a Successful Business

Running any business you will eventually have to deal with the grey area of ‘Marketing’. Every successful business – small or large – needs to market the company’s products and services.

You can have the best products and services in the world but if you do not market them, your competitors will generate more sales.

Have you ever found yourself pondering, “How come I lost that contract? Our product is superior and better value for money?” The classic case is in the video market: Betamax were in competition with VHS, we remember Betamax fondly, it is universally recognised that they were of higher quality than VHS but VHS were soon in every household because Betamax didn’t market their product.

I plan to take you through five simple steps; these steps must be done for every marketing product – from a simple leaflet, to the most complicated website.

STEP 1 – Plan it out; Mind map

This step can be carried out in several ways; brainstorming, concepts, ideas, every conceivable thought related to the project, it gets put on down on paper. It is good to sit down with a few colleagues, a blank sheet of paper and write down everyone’s ideas. This is sometimes referred to as ‘on the back of an envelope’ planning. For example we’ll look at promoting a new charity ‘Cards for African Relief and Development , “C. A. R. D.”;

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