Fireworks 27

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Paisley fireworks display due to take place on Saturday has been called off due to safety risks posed by the expected wind direction.

The Paisley fireworks display due to take place on Saturday has been called off due to safety risks posed by the expected wind direction.

But the full afternoon of free entertainment planned for the main stage in Gauze Street between noon and 6pm WILL still go ahead as planned.

Council bosses have been advised the forecast wind direction and likely strong gusts on Saturday evening would make the fireworks display a risk to people and buildings.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan explained: “It is unfortunate that a key part of such a popular and well-attended event has had to be cancelled.

“But we are confident the decision is the right one and are sure that the planned live entertainment will still be a great day of free family fun.

“We have been studying the weather forecasts all week hoping the event could go ahead as planned, but we are not willing to take any risks with public safety.

“It was felt the day before was the best time to announce a postponement, as we didn’t want to call it off at the last minute.

“The issue isn’t with the possible rain – more that the wind direction and gusts on Saturday evening mean that we cannot guarantee nearby buildings might not be damaged.”

Emily X factor

The entertainment will start at noon with Clyde 1 DJs live on stage. Over the afternoon, acts set to appear include Scotland’s X Factor star Emily Middlemas and the spectacular LED drummer of Spark! among others.

Other attractions on offer will include a funfair, while we will have face painters and street entertainers out in the town centre during the day.

Please note that the Paisley Halloween Festival – due to take place tonight (Friday) is not affected by the weather and will go ahead as planned.

And fans of big town centre events can still look forward to the annual Christmas Lights Switch-on on Saturday 15 November, featuring chart-topping boyband Union J.

You can keep up to date at or by following the council on social media at @RenCouncilNews on Twitter or /renfrewshirecouncil on Facebook.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chameleon Tattoo will be holding a charity tattoo day in support of both Breast Cancer Awareness and Help for Heroes.

All the artists are giving up their time for the whole of the day to offer specially themed designs at low, low prices.


Every single penny of that money will go to charity so please come down and show your support. Tell all your friends, relatives and enemies as we want to raise as much money as we can.

All the designs are being displayed in the shop and the day will be run on a first come, first served basis!

As an added bonus every client who gets tattooed on the Saturday goes into the draw and the winner will be tattooing a remembrance poppy on Leon.




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Information is undeniably one of the biggest assets of most businesses today, and a small business is no exception to this rule. Every day, the sheer amount of data involved with running a business grows dramatically, and managing this data in the most effective way possible is key to business success.

Without question, one of the most important elements of data management is security. The complexity of the business world has increased significantly, most notably through the introduction of a completely new range of communications channels. It is now common for employees to use personal devices such as smartphones and tablets to carry out their day-to-day roles, and they therefore require an interface with business systems. This complexity leads to greater scope for vulnerability and it is essential that businesses of all sizes prioritise information security and employ a range of digital protection measures to ensure they have sufficient coverage.


Preventing breaches and leaks

 Sensitive information in the wrong hands, such as a competitor or other party who stands to benefit from a negative impact on a business can be disastrous, and such scenarios have been the cause of a number of businesses ceasing altogether. Small businesses can be particularly vulnerable to such an outcome.

Here are some ideas for how small businesses can lock down sensitive data.

  • Understand assets. Knowing what data requires protection is critical; therefore, the first step should be to compile a comprehensive list of all categories of information along with the levels of sensitivity of each one. Personal information about employees, clients, customers and financial records are usually a good place to start.


  • Hardware and software. It is also important to know exactly where this information is stored. Once this is understood, protective IT measures, such as shell shock protection, can be properly researched. Shell shock (Bash bug) is a potential risk for any organisation or user that is using Bash. Remote code injection of arbitrary commands (without authentication) is enabled by the bug. Malicious code execution that could be used to take over a complete operating system or to access confidential data, or to facilitate an attack at some point in the future is the bug’s purpose.


  • Manage access. People who use data often provide some of the most vulnerable access points with regard to data security. It is critical that nobody, even an IT administrator, has complete access to all the data within a business without any degree of oversight. Detailed records of who has exactly what access to what data and for what purpose are essential in maintaining information security.


  • Personal device policies. Businesses are increasingly allowing, even encouraging, employees to adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach to their work. This trend means there are more mobile devices than ever in the majority of workplaces. It also means potentially sensitive business data can be found on personal devices, which typically have far less stringent security measures. To help manage this, it is essential to have robust policies in place that define and dictate appropriate use of personal devices, and also that these policies are properly communicated to all staff and training given where required.


  • Manage passwords. Perhaps the simplest measure—regularly changing passwords—is still one of the most effective means to maintaining information security. Astonishing numbers of individuals and organisations still use simple passwords, such as “password”, and put themselves at enormous risk of security breaches by doing so. Small business owners should regularly, at least every few months, review all passwords and change them to mitigate this risk. They should also apply policies and communications to ensure that all employees do the same.


Precautionary steps and expert support

The rapid pace with which the world of technology is evolving can be extremely daunting, particularly as it does not show any signs of slowing down any time soon. It seems as if a new piece of hardware or software enters the market almost every day and brings with it a whole new range of security risks with regard to the protection of sensitive data. This is hard enough for an individual to keep up with, but even more difficult for a business that is, by definition, many times more complex.

However, while it is tempting to admit defeat and resign oneself to never being able to keep up with the pace of change, in reality, success in this area is simply a case of taking a few precautionary steps and enlisting the most appropriate expert support.

2014/15 TEAM SHOOT

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Young footballers in the popular Street Stuff programme received a timely reminder this week to ‘keep the fireworks for on the pitch’.

Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue and Renfrewshire Council all attended a Friday night Street Stuff session at St Mirren’s indoor dome to deliver important firework safety messages to the players.

Young footballers in the popular Street Stuff programme received a timely reminder this week to ‘keep the fireworks for on the pitch’.


Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue and Renfrewshire Council all attended a Friday night Street Stuff session at St Mirren’s indoor dome to deliver important firework safety messages to the players.

Regular Street Stuff players were joined for the session by players from St Mirren’s Junior Academy and first team star Sean Kelly.

As a warm-up for the traditional Friday night game, players received an instructional talk of the dangers of misusing fireworks.

Councillor Eddie Devine, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environment Policy Board, said: “We’re getting into fireworks season and it’s important that as many young people as possible are made aware of the risks involved in misusing them. “We’ve got some brilliant players here showing some fantastic skills and the message is to keep the fireworks on the pitch! We have a spectacular display taking place in Paisley town centre, and that’s the place to watch fireworks.

“Sessions like this are great for getting the message across because we get a captive audience at Street Stuff here for the football, and they are already aware of the risks and consequences of antisocial behaviour.

“Street Stuff is very much a partnership and it’s thanks to St Mirren, the police and the fire service that we’re able to do things like this.”

Street Stuff is an award-winning programme designed to divert young people away from antisocial behaviour and low-level offending.

More information about Street Stuff and firework safety is available at[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

cycle abbey

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Renfrewshire is gearing up for another summer of sport after it was announced that the area will host a prestigious UK-wide youth cycling race.

The 2015 British Cycling Youth National Circuit Race Championships has been awarded to Paisley, the first time Scotland has hosted the championships.

The event will take place on Sunday 12 July on a town centre route passing the stunning setting of Paisley Abbey and Town Hall.

It will offer cycling fans the chance to see the sport’s stars of the future, with previous medallists in the race having included future world champion Mark Cavendish and Olympic medal-winners Geraint Thomas, Ross Edgar and Laura Trott.

The event was brought to Paisley through a joint bid by Renfrewshire Council and a group of local cycling clubs led by Johnstone Jets.

Next July will also see the area again host Street Velodrome – the world’s only pop-up velodrome – after its successful debut in 2014.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan said: “We are delighted to be able to bring this prestigious sporting event to Renfrewshire.

“We have a vibrant cycling scene locally and I am sure cycling fans from Renfrewshire and beyond will be thrilled to get the chance to see the sport’s stars of tomorrow compete up close.

“Renfrewshire is fast gaining a reputation as a venue for top-class events and I am sure the historic town centre of Paisley will provide a striking backdrop to the excitement on the roads.”

Event organiser Kenny Steele of the Johnstone Jets Cycling Club said: “It is fantastic to bring the British Cycling National Youth Championships to Paisley town centre.

“There are over 200 members of youth cycling clubs within a five-mile radius of the circuit and it’s testament to the growth of cycling in the area that Renfrewshire Council has continued with their commitment to bringing high level racing to the town.

“The organising group of Paisley 2015 look forward to welcoming all to Paisley in July.”

You can find out more about the event on social media, on Twitter on @Paisley2015 and Facebook at /paisley2015[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Photograph courtesy of Cameron Pollock of[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Fireworks 27

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Paisley is gearing up for an intergalactic extravaganza when the area’s annual fireworks display takes place on Saturday 1 November.

This year’s fireworks display will be built around a space theme, with a musical soundtrack to match, with the display at 6pm.

The fun starts at noon when Clyde 1 DJs take to the main stage on Gauze Street to introduce an afternoon of music and live entertainment before the fireworks finale.

The star turn will be Scotland’s X Factor star Emily Middlemas, who made it as far as judges’ houses stage in this year’s show.

Emily X factor

The 16-year-old singer-songwriter – a former pupil of Paisley’s Loud ‘n’ Proud, and McCallum School of Music – said: “Most of my musical inspirations came from Paisley.

“I am really looking forward to returning to the town that kicked off my musical career and can’t wait to perform there at the fireworks show.”

Emily will be joined on the main stage by new Scottish boyband 4th State, street dance crew Loonique and local teenage guitar band Dogtooth.

The fireworks will be launched from Cotton Street, meaning the best views for the public will be in the area around Abbey Close and Gauze Street.

The final act before fireworks will be a sonic and visual spectacular from LED drummers Spark! who also play the Paisley Halloween Festival on Friday 31 October.

The timetable is as follows: Noon – Clyde 1 DJs kick off the fun; 1pm to 2pm – Create Paisley showcase; 2.30pm to 3pm – 4th State; 3.30pm to 4pm – Dogtooth; 4pm to 4.15pm – Emily Middlemas; 4.45pm to 5pm – Loonique; 5.30pm to 6pm – Spark! LED drummers; 6pm – Fireworks finale

Other attractions on offer will include a funfair, while there will be face painters and street entertainers out in the town centre during the day.

Residents should be aware there will be a series of road closures implemented from Friday evening onwards in the area around Gauze Street and Cotton Street, with parts of Seedhill Road, Mill Street and Causeyside Street to be closed from mid-afternoon on Saturday until after the event.

Full details are available online at

Renfrewshire Council Leader Mark Macmillan said: “The annual fireworks display is an established family favourite and usually attracts a crowd of tens of thousands.

“The council’s successful and growing events programme is geared towards bringing people into our town centres, with all the benefits that brings for traders.

“We have another bill of top-notch entertainment lined up for this Saturday and I look forward to seeing another big crowd in the town centre this year.”

The fireworks show takes place on day after the first-ever Paisley Halloween Festival on the evening of Friday 31 October, featuring a spectacular lantern-lit parade with LED drummers, and Scotland first fire garden with sculptures made from flames.

Saturday 15 November will see the annual Christmas Lights Switch-on, which this year will be headlined by chart-topping boyband Union J.

Renfrewshire Council would like to thank the organisations who have provided sponsorship towards this year’s event – Hamishes Hoose, Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce, Renfrewshire Leisure and intu Braehead.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Road Closures information for Friday and Saturdays Town Centre Events.. 31st October and 1st November 2014

(I am still awaiting temporary bus stop information)

Road closures
Residents should be aware there will be a series of road closures around the town centre throughout the day . A full list is as follows…

Friday 31 October (waiting and loading ban only) – From 1900 hours onwards: Gauze Street, from Lawn Street to Silk Street

Saturday 1 November – From 0000 hours onwards: Gauze Street, from Mill Street to The Cross; St Mirren Street, from High Street to Causeyside Street at Dunn Square; Cotton Street, from Gauze Street to Council HQ; Lawn Street, before Gauze Street; Smithhills Street, from Central Way to Gauze Street

From 0800 hours onwards: Abbey Close; Gilmour Street to County Square, including County Place; Bridge Street, from Orchard Street to Council HQ; Lagoon South Car Park, south-most half only

From 1530 hours onwards (Firework Hot Zone): Seedhill Road, from Cochran Street to Mill Street (until 1900 hours); Seedhill, Mill Street to Abbey Mill Gatehouse (until 1900 hours)

From 1630 hours onwards (Firework Hot Zone): Causeyside Street, from New Street to St Mirren Street
Forbes Place

The following roads and footways will be closed to pedestrians from 1730 hours to approximately 1830 hours: Bridge Street/Cotton Street, from Orchard Street to Gauze Street; Mill Street (footway nearest Council HQ and opposite HQ from Lagoon Leisure Centre to Seedhill Rd); Abbey Close walkway

Shimmer 2012 by Dan Brady -7

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Paisley is gearing up for a visual spectacular of light and dark when the town’s first-ever Halloween Festival takes place this Friday.

Paisley is gearing up for a visual spectacular of light and dark when the town’s first-ever Halloween Festival takes place this Friday.

The Renfrewshire Council organised spooky spectacular is free to attend and will see a series of attractions in the town centre between 6 and 9pm.

It starts at 6pm with a stunning lantern-lit fancy-dress parade down the High Street from Paisley Museum to Abbey Close.

The parade will be led by the Spark! LED drumming group and will feature around 200 local children plus illuminated giant birds and light walkers.

It will lead revellers down to Scotland first-ever fire garden outside Paisley Abbey, starring sculptures made from flames.

The fire garden will be created by outdoor arts company Walk the Plank and features everything from colossal fire-breathing lilies to intricately-carved flaming flowerboxes.

There will be street entertainment around the town centre between 6 and 9pm in the form of fire jugglers, with scary story-telling in Paisley Abbey.

Visitors to Paisley Town Hall will also be able to take part in Halloween-themed craft workshops, balloon-modelling, face-painting and see a wizard show.

There will also be free goodie bags for kids, and a performance by PACE Theatre Group.

The Paisley Halloween festival is part of a bumper weekend of event action, with the annual fireworks display a day later on Saturday 1 November, and the Christmas Lights Switch-on headlined by boyband Union J two weeks later on Saturday 15th.

Councillor Roy Glen, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Economy and Jobs Policy Board, said: “This is our first ever Halloween Festival and initial indications suggest the event has really caught the imagination of the public.

“We already have a hugely-successful town centre events programme, with the fireworks and Christmas Lights switch-on events bringing tens of thousands of people into the town each November.

The Fire Garden, created by Walk the Plank. Image Walk the Plank

“If the Paisley Halloween Festival is a success we hope it would also become an established part of the events calendar.

“We are confident we have lined up a spectacular show – so I would urge people to come out on Friday night and see it for themselves.”

There will also be Halloween-themed events run by the council’s arts and museums team.

Thursday 30 October will see a performance of Cut, a murder mystery style dance theatre show that will take the audience into spooky, undiscovered rooms at Paisley Town Hall.

And on Friday night in Paisley Arts Centre, critically-acclaimed Scottish electronic duo Pumajaw present their new multimedia show Song Noir, featuring tracks from cult TV programmes and film noir.

For more information on all of the above, visit[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PAISLEY PIRATES-UPDATE


Paisley Pirates are delighted to announce that iconic defenceman Chris Conaboy has returned to the club, and goes straight into the squad for this weekend’s Autumn Cup semi final first leg against the Solway Sharks at the Braehead Arena (face off Sunday at 6.00pm).

“Yes, Chris has been training with us for the last wee while, and we actually registered him as a player a week or two ago. Both he and the club have been very keen to see him pull on a Pirates’ top once again, but we mutually felt that he wasn’t quite ready to return for our double header weekend at Dundee and against Edinburgh. The extra week has allowed him to fine tune himself and he’s absolutely bursting to get back on the ice.”

“He suffered a very bad injury several years back and at one stage it looked as if he might not play again. However, he’s been working very hard on maintaining his high fitness levels at the Pro-Life gym all of that time, and he’s looked very good in training, so we have no hesitation in putting him back in again. People tend to think of the physical aspects of his game and forget that he is actually a powerful skater who moves the puck well, and like all our other signings of the last few weeks he’ll add something else to the team. It’s a great signing for Chris, and it’s a great signing for us!”

“We’re already seeing the difference in the team as a result of the new and returning players whom we’ve added to what was already an excellent group of players, and I’ve got no reason to think that bringing Chris back is anything other than excellent news for the Pirates, and even better news for our fans!”


Photo courtesy of Al Gould[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A team of over 30 Renfrewshire Council trade workers and apprentices have volunteered to build a school in Malawi.

The project, which is being run in partnership with the charity Classrooms for Malawi, will see the council volunteers travel to the tiny William village, a remote area with around 600 children but no education provisions at all.

Apprentice joiners, plumbers, bricklayers, painters, plasterers and gardeners will be joined by various trades and other skilled staff on the two week trip in September 2015.

The volunteers will put their skills to good use by building a three classroom school as well as hopefully undertaking additional projects such as a toilet block, a kitchen and home improvements.

The local education department in Malawi have committed to recruiting a teacher for the school once built and the local community plan to build a teacher’s house.

The trip will be funded entirely through charity fundraising and donations and is part of the council’s Employee Volunteering Scheme.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall said: “The people of Renfrewshire have always proven themselves to be generous charity supporters and our workforce is no different. Since launching our employee volunteering scheme in 2012, employees from across the council have given their time generously to a range of projects but this trip to Malawi is the most ambitious so far.

“This is a fantastic project that will provide long term education facilities to hundreds of children who currently live too far to travel to any other school. The response from the employees invited to volunteer for this trip has been wonderful. It is a big commitment that will require nearly a year of fundraising and will be hard work when they get out there. It will also be a fantastic experience for all involved, particularly the many apprentices who are taking part.”

Classrooms for Malawi is a new charity set up with the purpose of improving learning environments for children in Malawi in order to create sustainable routes out of poverty through education. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers.

Tony Begley, Classrooms for Malawi Co-ordinator, said: “We are excited and delighted that a team from Renfrewshire Council will be collaborating with us to build a school at this extremely remote rural village.

“We can already see and appreciate that the team have the skills, energy, enthusiasm and passion necessary to raise the funds and to see this demanding project through to a conclusion.

“Although Classrooms for Malawi have worked in various communities across Malawi this is the first time we have undertaken the task of building where there is no existing school. Currently if a child from William village wants to go to school they have to walk an unthinkable distance, so many do not go, so this school will provide them with an education they simply could not receive otherwise. The school will benefit the community for generations to come.”

The project came about after Tony visited William village last year and was presented with a petition arranged by the children and their parents asking for a new school even though they themselves couldn’t sign it as they could not write their names.

Justin Kamwendo, a local Malawian Education Officer, is one of the few children from William Village that has enjoyed the success of an Education. He said: “Building a classroom block in William Village will help those of school age who are currently unable to access education due to the lack of facilities. They will not only gain an education, but their behaviour will also change for the better and they will also receive health education. The whole village community’s economic status will improve as the children learn, especially with regards to agriculture which is the village’s main source of income, as they understand the importance of following better methods of farming. I thank Classrooms for Malawi for identifying Renfrewshire Council as a great partner who will transform the lives of everyone in William Village by building a school there”

A series of fundraising events and initiatives gets underway this month, starting with a charity Halloween party on Friday 24 October in Knights of St Columbus Hall, Renfrew.

Tickets cost £10. To book or to find out more about sponsorship opportunities please email

This will be the second Employee Volunteer Scheme trip to Africa by Renfrewshire Council employees. In September 2014, a team of seven employees travelled to South Africa to build houses with Habitat for Humanity.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FREE DELIVERY SERVICE FOR LOCAL SCHOOLS

Kind hearted bosses at a local taxi firm are offering all schools in Johnstone a free delivery service for donations made to Renfrewshire Foodbank.

Johnstone TOA, a private-hire taxi firm based at Johnstone railway station, has been working closely with Renfrewshire Foodbank since March and offers a number of free services in support of the charity. This includes a free customer delivery service and free transport for Renfrewshire Foodbank volunteers living in the Johnstone area.


Renfrewshire Foodbank, which provides emergency food parcels for Renfrewshire people struggling to make ends meet, has experienced a dramatic rise its services over the past couple of years.

The additional service provided by Johnstone TOA is designed to encourage schools in Johnstone to consider Renfrewshire Foodbank in its fundraising activities.

Debbie Anderson, general manager at Johnstone TOA, said: “We are delighted to continue and increase our support for Renfrewshire Foodbank and hope schools in Johnstone take full advantage of our free school delivery service.

“Transporting food supplies from Johnstone to the charity’s warehouse in Paisley can be off-putting to some schools. Therefore, we decided to introduce a free service which makes it easier for schools to donate much needed food supplies.”

Johnstone Cars-15

Wallace Primary in Elderslie has used the free service twice and would encourage other schools to get involved.

Susan Carlton, head teacher at Wallace Primary, said: “The free delivery service provided by Johnstone TOA is a marvellous idea and makes the process of donating food supplies a simple one. I would encourage other schools in the area to get on board. I would also like to say a big thank-you to all the pupils and parents, once again we have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of all food and cash donations.”

Roslyn McVeigh, manager at Renfrewshire Foodbank, added: “I would like to give my warmest thanks to everyone at Johnstone TOA, their support over the past eight months has been truly fantastic.

“We greatly appreciate the efforts of Debbie and the team in raising awareness of our services and hope the schools in Johnstone make full use of this free delivery service.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the food bank are asked to take their bags to the warehouse, not the distribution centres. For more details on how to donate

To download a suggested shopping list

Pic one – From left Roslyn McVeigh and Debbie Anderson
Pic two – Drivers on hand to pick up donations[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]