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Taking in the Sights and History of your Home

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The Ultimate Staycation: Taking in the Sights and History of your Home

Going on a staycation isn’t just about lounging around and sleeping the day away. It’s really all about breaking out of the routine of your life at home and experiencing the town or area where you live in a whole new way. We usually consider our hometown as a place where we live and leave in order to go to work or school elsewhere. Why not try looking at it in a different light, and see something new?

Paisley Photographs

You can be a tourist right in your hometown. Go for a drive and take in not only the sights but its history as well. Do you know where the name of your town comes from, or who the first settlers are? If you don’t, then your staycation is the perfect opportunity for you to learn the answer.

Be a tourist.

We usually tend to ignore or take for granted the popular sights in our hometown, usually because these places are already full of tourists. And since you’re a “local”, you may not feel up to seeing what the fuss is all about. But did you ever think that by going to these places yourself, you become a true-blue member of the town, something you can take pride in? Acting like a tourist can help you open your eyes to see how special your town really is, and make you appreciate it more.

Take a class.

We never really cease to learn, and your staycation is the perfect time to learn a new craft or engage in a new hobby. Whether it’s photography, yoga, portraiture, baking, pottery-making, or guitar lessons, you’ll surely enjoy discovering a new talent or relearning a skill. There may be an art group in your town that offers free weekend lessons, and you can also join a group yoga session. Visit your tourism office or local library for the information you need.

Go sightseeing.

Ditch your car and go on foot to explore and wander through the streets for places you have not seen before. Stop and take in the details of the buildings, sketch a quaint street, take snapshots of the busy market. You’re surely bound to see something new in your hometown, even if you have lived there all your life.

Eat somewhere new.

Cross out the fast-food joints and franchise cafes and look for that little hole-in-wall coffee shop or family-owned restaurant instead. These places are usually quiet, offer delicious homegrown recipes, and have an interesting history.

Immerse in art and culture.

Discover the museums or art galleries in your area. You may not be aware of it, but many towns have a museum that’s dedicated to local history. Here you can learn about your town’s humble beginnings, where it got its name, and who were instrumental in making it the way it is now. Many galleries and art spaces have interesting exhibits and even cultural and artistic performances on weekends. Check them out for some great soul food!

Relax in the park.

Parks, or even large open fields and gardens, are great for a nice walk in quiet contemplation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a deep breath, relax, and reconnect with nature.

The ultimate staycation inspires, reenergizes, and gives you a greater appreciation for the town you live in. There are numerous things you can do and activities you can participate in, and the best thing about a staycation is that you won’t have to go very far at all in order to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.