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Renfrew residents to join in historic salmon fishing trip

Renfrew residents are being urged to join Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall in a historic trip down the Clyde to preserve the town’s fishing rights on the river.

A limited number of tickets are available for the historic fishing trip, which takes place on Friday 22 August.

Guests will join Renfrewshire’s civic leaders in carrying out the traditional act of casting the nets to retain the rights of salmon fishing on the Clyde.

Provost raises Commonwealth Flag outside Renfrewshire House

The custom goes back as far as 1781 when the town lost the right to the fishing on parts of the Clyde by not fishing in the area.

King Robert III had granted a charter to the community of Renfrew granting the right to fish the River Clyde as far back as 1396.

However Renfrew Town Council failed to keep the rights on parts of the river owned by Sir Michael Stewart because they hadn’t fished those areas for some years. From then on it became practise to maintain the rights by having the Provost, Baillies and Town Clerk put out the nets and haul them in every three years. The practise of casting of the nets is still carried on as a tradition.

Provost Hall said: “The historic salmon fishing is a significant tradition from the rich history of Renfrew. I’m delighted that this occasion is opened to all local residents, which is a great day out for everyone.

“Tickets are limited, so I’d encourage everyone to book early to ensure they can take part in this unique celebration of the town’s history.”

Tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis by contacting the events team on towncentres@renfrewshire.gov.uk or 0141 618 6794.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Conor gets on his marks for Paisley 10k

Young Renfrewshire runner Conor Thomson is setting the pace for this year’s edition of the Paisley 10k Road Race and Fun Run.

15 year old Conor, an S3 pupil at Gleniffer High School, is aiming to conquer the 10K after being victorious in the last two editions of the shorter Fun Run.

Conor joined Councillor Jim Harte, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Sport, Leisure and Culture Policy Board, to remind runners to sign up as soon as possible and start training.

The Kilbarchan Amateur Athletics Club athlete has been running in the event since 2008. This year will be the first time he is old enough to run in the longer race, and it’s a challenge he’s relishing.

Conor said: “This race has always been an inspiration to me – training for the Fun Run was my incentive for first joining the running club.

“My coach John Rodger has taught me so much and helped me improve each year. Now, I want to test myself in the bigger race and see how fast I can finish and how high up the field.

“I’d encourage anyone my age and younger to sign up for the Fun Run and give it a go – you just never know what it might lead to!”

Cllr Harte said: “Paisley 10k Road Race and Fun Run has been the springboard to success for many local athletes and Conor might just be the next one.

“Their stories can be inspiration to the rest of us, whatever age we are, to look out our trainers and sign up.”

“Even if you’re unlikely to ever be an elite athlete, you’ll get a tremendous amount out of the challenge of training for the race and taking part.”

Anyone wishing to run can enter online at www.paisley10k.com or pick up an application form from local sports centres and libraries. Race entries will be received until 29 August.

Paisley 10k Road Race and Fun Run race is sponsored by MEPC Hillington Park.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Food Train needs more boxes!

Award winning older people’s charity, Food Train, has entered new fundraising territory… Crowdfunding! It’s aiming to raise £1,000 to buy 200 new boxes by the 15th August on Indiegogo.

Food Train operates a grocery shopping delivery service for older people in Renfrewshire and in five other local authorities in Scotland, who are unable to or have difficulty getting their own shopping.


Food Train customers complete a shopping list at home, volunteers then pick up the order, shop for it and deliver the order back to the older person’s home for a small charge of £3.

The service plays a big part in tackling the issue of malnourishment amongst older people. A recent report by the Malnutrition Task Force stated that up to 10% of Scotland’s older people could be malnourished, which equates to approximately 90,000 older Scots.

Lack of food access is recognised as one of the main reasons that older people become malnourished, so Food Train’s service is vital to help combat the problem.

In a first for the charity, Food Train is using the Crowdfunding website Indiegogo, to try and raise £1,000 to buy 200 new boxes. The boxes are used by Food Train’s volunteers to store groceries whilst going round the supermarket and then to deliver the groceries to Food Train’s customers.

Without these simple boxes, Food Train would have struggled to complete the near 30,000 deliveries it made to older people across Scotland last year, which is why they’re asking the public to get behind their Crowdfunding campaign and contribute if they can. As little as £5 will help towards buying a new box.

The campaign went live on the 18th July and finishes on the 15th August. So time is of the essence! You can find the campaign on Indiegogo.com by searching “Food Train New Boxes” or by going to the link http://igg.me/at/foodtrainneedsnewboxes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Recruits shine during social media chat

A group of young people on a council-run youth employment programme were given the chance to get social after a masterclass with a Facebook expert.

The 30 S5 and 6 pupils on the latest edition of The Recruit were set a series of tasks by Gary Ennis of Hillington-based firm NS Design as their latest business challenge.

The Recruit is loosely based on TV’s The Apprentice and sees young people compete through a series of enterprise challenges, with jobs on offer for the winners.

Gary talked the youngsters through the pros and cons of using social media as a business before asking them to set up a business Facebook profile and see how many ‘likes’ they could pick up before the end of the day.

The overall winners on the day were Team Fusion – Bethany Hunter, Stephen Dow, Jonathan McCart, Imaan Niven, Declan Hamilton and Hannah Lochhead.

This year’s summer edition has two sections – one for S5 and 6 pupils from Renfrewshire schools, and another for unemployed 18 to 24 year-olds.

Gary said: “I think the Recruit programme is really valuable, and credit to the council because they do it well and you see it making a big difference.

“I talked them about Facebook and Twitter and how it can be significant in the workplace, but also about how it can get you into trouble if you leave comments that potential employers might read.

“Working with the Recruits is something I always find really inspiring – when you give them licence to speak up and take initiative it’s great to see the results.

Councillor Roy Glen said: “Helping young people find work is one of the biggest priorities of this council, and the Recruit is one of many initiatives run under our successful Invest in Renfrewshire scheme to tackle unemployment.

“The Recruit has been running in Renfrewshire now for five years and in that time it has given hundreds of local young people a valuable taste of the working world, and a helping hand into employment.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Cycling thrillseekers turn out for Street Velodrome

Paisley played host to a day of adrenaline-pumping cycling action when the world’s only pop-up track cycle race event landed in the town centre on Saturday.

County Square was the venue for the first-ever Scottish visit of StreetVelodrome – a mobile cycle track currently touring the UK.

Women's winners

Amateur riders had all morning to test their times on the circuit, with the fastest entrants qualifying to be coached by and race alongside professional cyclists in the StreetVelodrome Series final.

The star name among the pros was Scotland’s Ross Edgar, who won a gold medal for the UK at the 2008 Olympics, plus Commonwealth gold for Scotland two years earlier.

The men’s race saw Dave Johnson, Jack Ravenscroft and Rob Nelson take gold, silver and bronze, while the women’s final placed Anne Glowinski, Isla Short and Sarah Bradford on the podium.

The final standings were a victory for local clubs, as both Jack and Isla compete for the Paisley-based Team Thomson’s Cycles, while Sarah races for the Johnstone Jets.

The winning team overall was Ross Edgar, Anna Glowinski, Sam Gay and Catriona Walker.

The whole event took place in front of the TV cameras, with a dedicated programme to be broadcast on Channel 4 and Sky Sports later this year.

Hundreds of residents came out to take in the spectacle – with extra entertainment on the day including giant games and an outdoor spin bike class run by Renfrewshire Leisure.

There was also a dedicated timeslot for members of the public to enjoy some track time.

The event was hosted by Renfrewshire Council as part of the area’s town centre events programme.

Councillor Jim Harte, Convener of the council’s Sport, Leisure and Culture Policy Board, was there on the day to take in some of the action.

He said: “We are delighted to be the first and only area in Scotland to host this innovative and exciting event.

“The local area has a really strong cycling scene, with several elite clubs competing at national level – and it was great to see some of their riders represented here on the day among the winners.

“The council is keen to help promote sport and healthy lifestyles, the profile of which is high right now with the Commonwealth Games taking place just up the road. Hopefully today will have encouraged some of the crowd to get on their bikes.

“Holding events like this is a key part of what the council is trying to do, in terms of selling our town centres as destinations.”

The next major town centre sporting event in Renfrewshire will be the Paisley 10k, on Sunday 31 August.

For more information on events, see www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/events


[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Iconic photographs taken in Britain


Unusually, Britain does not always enjoy a reputation for spectacular scenery. This could be because it is located, in a geographical sense, within a temperate zone. As a result it rarely experiences extreme weather and is not home to the sort of exotic wildlife that can be found on the African savannah or the jungles of South America. Similarly, its mountain ranges and wildernesses are not in the same league, at least in terms of size and scale, with other countries. All of this means that there is a real risk that great British sceneries can be overlooked by people seeking to experience striking landscapes and capture them on film.


However, this assumption can lead to many missed opportunities because, as travellers who do their research know, the British landscape offers a unique and easily accessible form of beauty.

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset




Glastonbury is synonymous today with the musical festival it hosts, and with which it shares a name, but this part of Somerset in the South West of England is steeped in history and is closely associated with Arthurian legend. Ancient historians even believe it could be where King Arthur’s body was finally laid to rest. In the early mornings in the UK’s spring and summer, open space landscapes like this are often shrouded in an eerie mist which absolutely transform the view and even seem to provide a glimpse back to another time. A bit of patience, an early start, and a good position on high ground are essential and the particularly lucky photographer may even get to see a herd of deer through the mists, adding to the historic atmosphere.


Ben Nevis, Scottish Highlands




Helping to show that Britain can comfortably compete with even the most dramatic locations, this is the sort of photo that even British people would be surprised to learn was taken in their home country. It is not Nepal, but actually one of several routes up Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands. At 4,409ft above sea level, Ben Nevis is the highest peak in the UK and offers a range of challenges for most levels of fitness. Avid mountaineers and adrenalin junkies can challenge themselves with a climb up some of the more dramatic and precarious routes, while families and dog walkers can take a more sedate walk up the footpaths which, at the right time of year, are accessible to the majority of people. Whichever route one takes, the pay-off is to experience some of the most spectacular views in the country.


Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Tyne & Wear


Graeme Peacock; http://travel.uk.msn.com


Britain does not only have beautiful natural landscapes, shaped over the centuries by a gentle weather system and a history of agriculture. It also has more than its share of urban beauty, with cityscapes like the one above that shows off the striking Millennium Bridge in the city of Gateshead in the north of England. Britain is home to some of the world’s most forward-thinking architects, who have flexed their creative muscles over the years to put Britain’s cities, and not just London, on the map. As a country with a rich and varied history, this means that ancient buildings sit alongside some of the most dramatic new designs. So, as well as the iconic ‘Gherkin’ and ‘Shard’ buildings in the capital, and Gateshead Millennium Bridge for example, photographers can also capture their own interpretation of St Paul’s Cathedral, the thousand-year-old Warwick Castle in Warwickshire or Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, to name just a few.


Digital photography for everyone


It was not so long ago that photos of this quality were only within the capability of professional photographers with a range of expensive equipment, or at least the very lucky amateurs. Today, a digital camera is a luxury well within the budget of most people, especially given the range of prices available.


By investing in a good quality camera and understanding all of its features and capabilities so they can be quickly and simply applied in the moment, anyone with an eye for a photo has the potential to capture breath-taking images like those above that can be revisited and enjoyed for years to come.


Capturing the moment


The pictures above are amazing in themselves, but still only provide a glimpse of what Britain has to offer to the keen traveller and photographer. The recent affordability and accessibility of digital technology has enabled a whole new generation of both professional and amateur photographers, and nothing can equal being there in person when capturing the view, and the moment, for oneself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Locals urged to get writing for Paisley’s Grand Fountain

Budding writers are being encouraged to get scribbling for a short-story competition inspired by Paisley’s spectacular Grand Fountain.

The contest is being run as part of the year-long project to restore the A-listed cast-iron fountain to its former glory.

Adults and children of all ages are being asked to write a short story inspired by the fountain – and they have until 4 August to enter the competition, which is being run by Renfrewshire Council and the STAR Project.

Prizes up for grabs include book tokens and the chance for the winning short stories to be published.

The £650,000 Grand Fountain: Interpretation and Restoration Project is being funded by Renfrewshire Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland, and is due for completion in August.

The eight-metre-high fountain dates back to 1868 and was gifted to the town by the Coats family.

It is recognised as being of national importance and is the only one of its kind, distinctive for its intricate detail and statues.

Councillor Terry Kelly, convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Planning and Property Policy Board, said: “The renovation of the Grand Fountain is an exciting project for Paisley and we’re looking for people to get creative and write a special short story inspired by this fantastic structure.

“The Grand Fountain is a living reminder of the town’s proud thread-making past and it’s wonderful to see it be restored for future generations.

“We have recently unveiled ambitious plans to transform Renfrewshire’s future by using the area’s fantastic heritage and culture to drive regeneration and tourism, and keeping structures like the Grand Fountain alive is a big part of that.

“This competition is an opportunity for people to find out about its history and be inspired by its place in Paisley’s built heritage. I’d encourage everyone to get involved and get writing.”

Entries must be no longer than 1,000 words and be submitted with a title and a cover sheet (stating your name, address, email, phone number, story title and age category: four to eleven, 12-16 or 17+/adult) as two separate documents to enquiries@star-project.org.uk or in hard copy to STAR Project, 12-14 Wallace Street, Paisley, PA3 2BU.

For further information, please visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/grandfountain or www.star-project.org.uk.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Doors Open Days 2014: Photographer Damian Shields engaged by Scottish Civic Trust to capture Scotland through the Keyhole

Doors Open Days, with some help from Homecoming Scotland 1014, has commissioned Scottish photographer Damian Shields to make a portfolio of images that showcase the very best of Doors Open Days venues across the country.

cloch-lighthouseAs we speak Damian is out and about, roving and roaming across the glens, streets and shores of Scotland capturing the very essence of what makes a great Doors Open Days site.


From firm favourites like our world renowned castles to our contemporary new builds, or our historical outdoor sites and many more, Damian is documenting it all. With over 1000 venues to choose from Damian has a tough job ahead in both selecting the sites and in making it around them all.


So far Damian has been to more than half of this year’s participating local authority areas, for a full list of areas taking part see our websitewww.doorsopendays.org.uk

This photographic portfolio will be completed soon and work will be available to view online and Doors Open Days teams are looking for a gallery to support an exhibition of this work in September during the festival.


Damian Shields says:
‘I can trace the beginnings of my affair with landscape photography to childhood exploration and the simple pleasure of discovery. It is within this spirit of discovery that I have been given the exciting opportunity to photograph some of Scotland’s finest hidden architectural gems for Doors Open Days. This is a project I will enjoy immensely and I’m looking forward to helping promote the exploration of Scotland’s rich architectural heritage and the sculptural snapshots of an era waiting to be discovered.’

Pauline McCloy-Turtle, Doors Open Days national Coordinator, says:
‘Exploration and discovery are at the very core of Doors Open Days and that is why Damian is the perfect partner to help us portray these parts of our festival. With his portfolio of work we look forward to revealing some of Scotland’s more beautiful landscapes and multi-faceted built environments to our residents and visitors alike and to showcasing a photographic taster of Scotland through the Keyhole.’

Caroline Packman, Homecoming Scotland Director says:

‘Homecoming is the opportunity to celebrate Scotland’s rich culture, heritage, natural resources and creativity. It’s also about celebrating everything that’s great about our country and placing the spotlight on our greatest assets – some of which will be captured through Damian Shield’s fantastic work.  The images will leave a lasting legacy for the 2014 festival and we are delighted to be supporting Doors Open Day as it presents a fantastic opportunity for visitors and locals to enjoy a huge variety of fantastic venues – from the majestic to the less well known hidden gems.’

To see Samples of Damian Shields current work see 
To find out more about Damian’s work the Doors Open Days see our website 
Follow us online FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST                      Sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter HERE[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Belgian charity cyclist comes to Renfrewshire

A Belgian cyclist, who is travelling round Europe for charity, has made a brief stop in Renfrewshire.

Big hearted Jeroen is cycling 10,000 km around Europe to raise money and awareness of Huntington’s disease (HD).

Nearing the end of his long trip, Jereon met Renfrewshire’s Provost Anne Hall and John Eden, Chief Executive of Scottish Huntington’s Association at the national office in Paisley.

Many of Jereon’s relatives suffer from HD, which is a progressive illness that damages the brain, leading to a steady deterioration in muscle co-ordination and mental abilities.

The damage also causes behavioural and mental health changes. There is presently no cure and those living with the condition will require full-time care in the later stages of the illness.

Provost Hall said: “Having Jeroen take the time to stop off in Renfrewshire is fantastic. It’s not often you get the opportunity to meet another with such an adventurous spirit for charitable causes.

“As a retired nurse, I am well aware of the devastation HD can cause in the lives of victims and their families. Providing the right care and support is vital to ensuring people can live as full a life as they can for as long as possible.

“Although I won’t be taking on such a lengthy challenge as Jeroen, I really admire his tenacity and determination. I hope I will be able to display the same focus when I take part in a wing-walking display along with seventeen big-hearted locals in August.

“I’m pleased Renfrewshire was one of Jeroen’s stops along the way and that we are able to give him such a warm welcome. I wish him well in the next leg of his journey and hope he raises the much needed awareness of HD.”

Jeroen de Schepper said: “I’m cycling 10,000 km round Europe to bring the message of HD to as many people as possible. Cycling is ideal because it shows the isolation that people suffering from HD experience. It’s also great exercise and allows me to see such beautiful countryside as I make my way round Europe.

“My goal is to raise awareness of the disease and at the same time raise money for the European Huntington Association, a charity that helped my grandmother and aunts Ria, Emma and Bernadette with the disease. The money raised will help to fund the construction of Huntington houses in Eastern Europe.”

The Scottish Huntington’s Association are the only charity in the country supporting families living with HD.

“It is great to welcome Jeroen to Scotland and to support him on his epic journey around Europe to raise awareness of the impact HD has on individuals and families. We work closely with our corresponding Associations in England and Ireland but any chance we get to build closer links with our European colleagues and extend our networks is very welcome indeed,’ said SHA chief executive, John Eden.

Details of how to donate to the European Huntington Association can be found on Jeroen’s blog – http://crosscountry4huntington.wordpress.com/doneren/.

For more information on Huntington’s disease, please visit www.hdscotland.org or call 0141 848 0308.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Paisley Music Week

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of Paisley Live. The event will bring local music and arts organisations together with around 100 acts in over 35 venues creating a week-long festival in Paisley. The vision is to restore Paisley’s reputation as a live music town and help rebuild the town centre as a visitor destination.

We plan to make Paisley Live appeal to a wide audience to include more artists and attract bigger crowds than ever before. From Opera to Punk Rock anything goes.

livemusicAs you are well aware Paisley town centre has been in decline for over two decades. This is an opportunity to do something about it and have some fun. The whole community will be involved looking to re energise the town both from a community spirit perspective and an economic one.

Paisley Live will bring many community groups together and will have direct and indirect impacts on the town through the opportunities it will provide in terms of; participation, skills development and volunteering. It will also have environmental and political impacts.

The benefit of the festival to the town can be extensive, particularly when the draw is from outside of the region. Local vendors, artisans, crafts people, restaurants, hotels and Bars will be busier than normal and may indeed make a large portion of their months’ income during the course of a week. High Street revitalization can also be a positive economic spin-off from the weeklong festival and special events.

This would be the template for an annual celebration of local music and a chance to invite performers from further afield and give them a positive feeling about our town.

What You Need To Do
Hire an act for your premises. We can help you with this.

Let us Know Name of act
Date of Performance
Any PR info that may be of interest to the press

IMPORTANT – Details need to be with us by Friday 22 August 2014
The programme brochure will list all the events. There will be space available to advertise your business too – ask for rates. You will be asked to donate to the Marketing cost by selling wristbands to support the event. Maybe you could do other fundraising – let us know what you have in mind.

What We Will Do
• We will have a shop at 12a High Street Paisley which will be an information point for Paisley Live open Monday to Saturday.
• The Paisley Daily Express will be following the build-up so there will be photo opportunities.
• We will hand out 10,000 leaflets and display 500 posters. You will get whatever you need for your venue.
• We will have banners in and around the town.
• We will supply each venue with an ‘Official Venue’ poster for outside their premises.
• We will supply a poster for a backdrop for your performance area. Quality PVC banners are available at £75

Contact Details
Tommy McGrory
Mobile 07765543801
E- Mail tommy.mcgrory@loudnproud.org
Office 0141 840 1090[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Paisley prepares for world’s only pop-up track cycle race event

Renfrewshire is gearing up for a sporting first on Saturday when the world’s only pop-up track cycle race lands in Paisley town centre.

StreetVelodrome is a high-intensity all-action cycling event currently touring the UK and about to make its first-ever visit to Scotland.

Velodrome 13

Amateur riders pre-register to race against the clock, with the fastest being coached by pro riders before competing in the final for a place on the podium.

Pro cyclists on the day will include Ross Edgar, whose glittering track career includes an Olympic silver medal for Team GB in 2008 and a gold in the team sprint for Scotland alongside Chris Hoy in 2006.

Amateur try-outs will be from 8am to 11.30am, before the final – to be televised later this year on Channel 4 and Sky Sports – takes place at 2pm.

To take part, riders have to pre-register with StreetVelodrome, but can still do so through their website at www.streetvelodrome.com

The County Square event is being hosted by Renfrewshire Council, who will lay on other activities including giant games and an outdoor spin-bike class run by Renfrewshire Leisure.

Also on the bill will be Keelan Phillips – an international champion in freestyle BMX riding – who will perform stunts for the crowds in between races.

Councillor James Harte, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Sport, Leisure and Culture Policy Board, said: “We are thrilled to be hosting the first-ever visit to Scotland of this exciting new event.

“Interest in sport is set to reach a peak this week with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games kicking off just a few miles up the road.

“It’s great to think that on the opening weekend, people will be able to see an athlete who has won Commonwealth gold for Scotland right here in the heart of Paisley.

“I would encourage any local cyclists to take the chance to be coached by one of the sport’s biggest names, and maybe even race in front of the TV cameras.

“And for anybody who doesn’t fancy high-speed racing round the track there will be loads going on around County Square to make it worth being a spectator.”

For full details about the event and to register online, please visit the StreetVelodrome website or www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/events

Entry costs £22 for senior riders (aged 24-plus), or £12 for juniors (aged 14 to 24).

There will also be a one-hour open session from 4pm where the general public can receive coaching and track time for free.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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BATHTOPIA are a small, family run, bathroom installation business, who delivers your bathroom utopia.
We’re all looking for ways to get more for our money without compromising on quality.

Here at Bathtopia we have come up with a smart, money saving solution – The Showroom that comes to your Home! Our customer focused approach has seen us steer away from costly showrooms to ensure we keep our overheads down on our bathroom installation. In return this means we can keep our customer’s prices DOWN.  I have worked with bathroom companies on a national and local scale and realised that the costs are inflated due to unnecessary overheads.


At Bathtopia we look to cut those overheads and pass the savings onto you, the customer. We price up your bathroom in front of you with no hidden extras and we take great pride in the end result, YOUR Bathroom. We offer a unique and personalised bathroom design experience catering for clients throughout the Paisley and greater Glasgow area. Our service is tailored to delivering quality bathrooms at affordable prices.

So, why subsidise expensive showrooms by paying over the odds for your new bathroom? When customers buy from us, they pay for their new bathroom, nothing more.

At Bathtopia, we come to you, to create your Bathroom Utopia.

Contact us TODAY for your free design and consultation.