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Food Train needs more boxes!

Award winning older people’s charity, Food Train, has entered new fundraising territory… Crowdfunding! It’s aiming to raise £1,000 to buy 200 new boxes by the 15th August on Indiegogo.

Food Train operates a grocery shopping delivery service for older people in Renfrewshire and in five other local authorities in Scotland, who are unable to or have difficulty getting their own shopping.


Food Train customers complete a shopping list at home, volunteers then pick up the order, shop for it and deliver the order back to the older person’s home for a small charge of £3.

The service plays a big part in tackling the issue of malnourishment amongst older people. A recent report by the Malnutrition Task Force stated that up to 10% of Scotland’s older people could be malnourished, which equates to approximately 90,000 older Scots.

Lack of food access is recognised as one of the main reasons that older people become malnourished, so Food Train’s service is vital to help combat the problem.

In a first for the charity, Food Train is using the Crowdfunding website Indiegogo, to try and raise £1,000 to buy 200 new boxes. The boxes are used by Food Train’s volunteers to store groceries whilst going round the supermarket and then to deliver the groceries to Food Train’s customers.

Without these simple boxes, Food Train would have struggled to complete the near 30,000 deliveries it made to older people across Scotland last year, which is why they’re asking the public to get behind their Crowdfunding campaign and contribute if they can. As little as £5 will help towards buying a new box.

The campaign went live on the 18th July and finishes on the 15th August. So time is of the essence! You can find the campaign on Indiegogo.com by searching “Food Train New Boxes” or by going to the link http://igg.me/at/foodtrainneedsnewboxes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]